Discover Southeast Missouri’s Hidden Gems

We searched every corner of Missouri for hidden gems—fascinating but sometimes overlooked places that are worth the drive. Where will this southeast Missouri hidden gems road trip, with places suggested by Missouri Life ambassadors, take you?

Visit Sikeston for unique fun this spring

Sikeston, Missouri, knows how to have fun, and the annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival and Home Brew Competition at American Legion Park on March 11 more than fits the expectation.

New Madrid Earthquakes

December 3, 1990

This date in Missouri history: Schools and businesses closed while families stocked up on supplies. This date was predicted to see a gigantic earthquake along the New Madrid Fault. Nothing happened.

Getting MO Peace

It’s been a wild eighteen months. Many shifted work and home lives around during the pandemic in an effort to keep others safe. Now as more people are vaccinated, and as case numbers decline and establishments continue to open up, we should all feel relieved, right? Not exactly, says Dr. Arpit Aggarwal of MU Health Care.