Visit Southwest Missouri’s Hidden Gems

We searched every corner of Missouri for hidden gems and thanks to our Missouri Life Ambassadors, we found one in each county: 114 of them! Here we explore places in Southwest Missouri that are ideal for your next day trip.

Pony Up For A Derby Day Fundraiser!

May’s annual Kentucky Derby is always a spectacular spectacle. Who doesn’t love seeing the over-the-top toppers the attendees wear? Come celebrate the Run for The Roses at a Kentucky Derby-themed event on Saturday, May 6

Below Zero Temperature

On February 9, 1979, pets and livestock were a big concern in Southwest Missouri on this date. The temperature fell to 17˚ below zero in Springfield. 

Maple & Main: Music for Buffalo’s boom

By the time Jacquelyn Strickland takes the stage at the back to introduce the evening’s featured musicians—two singer-songwriters, one from Massachusetts, one from Wisconsin–she has already greeted everyone who walked in the front door. And when the lights go down and spotlights shine on Jaquelyn’s son, singer-songwriter and guitarist Lyal Strickland, then on visiting artists Grace Morrison and Camela Widad, the audience is rapt, listening for almost two hours to every note and word.

There are many antique shops located in Southwestern Missouri, a travel destination for many seeking decor from the past

Antiquing in Southwest Missouri

Pick a starting point and explore all of the antiques southwest Missouri has to offer.