Freddie Blassie

Freddie Blassie is Born: February 8, 1918

Frederick Kenneth Blassman, better known by his stage name Freddie Blassie, was born in St. Louis on this date in 1918.

St. Louis Browns 1947

St. Louis Browns Manager is Abducted, Jailed: February 7, 1898

The manager of the former St. Louis Browns, Chris von der Ahe, was essentially kidnapped and taken by train to Pittsburgh on this date in 1898, according to an archival report in the New York Times.

9 Relics You Can See in Missouri

From the jacket worn by Mark Twain to Truman's famous "The Buck Stops Here" sign, you can find these historical icons within the borders of the Show-Me State.

Helen Stephens with Jesse Owens

August 4, 1936

On this day Helen Stephens, "The Fulton Flash" dominated the competition and got the gold at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

June 15, 1947

The U.S. Open was played at St. Louis Country Club and televised on KSD-TV. It was the first televised golf match in the nation. 

May 26, 1926

After a fan's nose was broken by a Jim Bottomley home run, the fan sued. In court, "Sunny Jim" was forced to admit that he "intentionally hit the ball to create a situation known as a home run." He had to pay $3,500.

May 25, 1955

Kenny Schrader was born in St. Louis. He began his racing career on a go-kart in his yard and then moved up to the dirt track at Pevely. He went on to become one of the top drivers in the nation.

April 17, 1940

The All American Red Heads, a women's professional basketball team started in Cassville, sailed for the Philippine Islands. 

March 20, 1944

Spring Training began for the St. Louis Browns. And yes, they did go south for the training—to Cape Girardeau.

February 15, 1978

St. Louisan, Leon Spinks, shocked the sports world when he beat Muhammad Ali in fifteen rounds for the World Heavyweight Crown. He and his brother, Michael, were the only brothers to ever hold world titles.