Dizzy Dean Signed with the Cardinals

On January 14, 1932, the Cardinals signed 19-year-old Dizzy Dean to his first contract. 

Roger Hornsby Elected to the Hall of Fame

On January 4, 1942, the greatest right-handed hitter was elected to the Hall of Fame. Rogers Hornsby won seven batting titles and hit over .402 in three seasons. 

Albert Pujols Left the Cardinals

On December 8, 2011 Albert Pujols left St. Louis Cardinals to play for the Angles and the Dodgers. He returned to the Cardinals in 2021, where he hit his 700th homerun and won Comeback Player of the Year for the National League. 

November 21, 1920 is the birthday of “Stan the Man”

November 21, 1920 is the Birthday of Hall of Famer, “Stan the Man” Musial.  (Career batting average = .331.) 

November 9, 1935 is the Birthday of Bob Gibson

November 9, 1935 is the birthday of Hall of Fame Cardinal’s pitcher, Bob Gibson.  

Cardinals Sportscaster Hit by a Car

On November 3, 1968, Cardinals sportscaster, Harry Caray was hit by a car on Kingshighway.

Denkinger Call Alters 1985 World Series

On August 30, 1904, the Great Olympic Marathon debacle unfolds at the Summer Olympic Games in St. Louis, Mo.

July 18, 1940

Did you know? Former Cardinals MVP Joe Torre is the only major leaguer to achieve both 2,000 hits as a player and 2,000 wins as a manager

June 15, 1964

One of the most lopsided trades in baseball history happened on this day. Who was the pitcher the Cardinals traded to the Cubs to get Lou Brock?

May 16, 1998

On this date in Missouri history, Mark McGwire hits the longest home run in Busch Stadium II history at 545 feet.