July 31, 1981

Forty-one years ago today, the last Corvette rolled off the production line in St. Louis.

July 29, 1929

What animal did milkmaids use to deliver Pevely Dairy products in St. Louis 90 years ago?

July 5, 1879

Dwight Davis was a man who got things done, not just a star tennis player and the namesake of the Davis Cup.

June 17, 1946

Did cell phone service really begin 76 years ago? Find the answer with Missouri History Today at missourilife.com.

June 12-14, 1872

On this date in Missouri history, The National Saengerfest was underway in St. Louis.

May 27, 1911

Vincent Price is born in St. Louis. One of America’s best-known character actors was born into a wealthy and influential family, with little indication of the type of fame that was to come.

May 21, 1947

On this date in Missouri history, Jackie Robinson makes his debut in St. Louis at Sportman’s Park.

May 18, 1849

On this date in Missouri history, the Great St. Louis Riverfront Fire raged, eventually destroying more than 400 buildings and changing the face of the city.

May 14, 1804

On this date in history, the Lewis and Clark Expedition—also known as the Voyage of Discovery—sets out across Missouri to explore the lands west of the Mississippi.

May 13, 1946

Who knew? Bell Systems announces that car phones will make their nationwide debut in St. Louis.