February 22, 1860

The steamboat, E. A. Ogden sank in Murray's Bend above Jefferson City.

August 30, 1856

The Steamboat Arabia left St. Louis. It sank at Westport Landing six days later.

Sinking Steamboat off the shore of Missouri River

August 13, 1869

The steamboat Cora sank in Bellefontaine Bend near the mouth of the Missouri.

Grand Republic Carondelet Missouri

December 17, 1875

The largest and most lavish steamer ever to sail on an inland waterway was launched on this day. The Grand Republic was built at Carondelet. It later burned while undergoing repairs there.

October 12, 1837

The steamboat Chariton—which previously sank at the mouth of the Gasconade and was raised, sank at Independence and was raised, blew her boiler in St. Louis killing twelve and was repaired—sank in Euphrasie Bend near Glasgow on this date.

Steamboat Constitution

October 7, 1817

The second steamboat to ever be in St. Louis arrived on this date. It was the steamboat Constitution.