Kansas City

On March 2, 1944, the Kansas City school board agrees to hire married women to teach. In the years around World War II, women were being allowed new opportunities in the workforce, due to a severe shortage of workers.

What Makes a Teacher Unqualified?

Our columnist notes that 3,000 teaching positions were left vacant or filled by someone not qualified. He takes a humorous look back to his own school days and wonders what makes a teacher unqualified?

Q&A: Jean Lawson, a special education teacher in Springfield

Jean Lawson helps students with special needs achieve their educational goals during the pandemic.

Teachers With Guns

Protection. Deterrence. Mitigation. That’s what Daisy, an elementary school teacher, and ten fellow Missouri public school employees studied in West Plains on June 9-13 at Shield Solutions’ School Employee Firearm Training Program, or SEFTP. The course teaches educators to be “gunfighters”—as Shield instructors call them—who will carry and employ concealed handguns to counter a lethal threat at their schools.