McDonald County Secedes: April 6, 1961

No, that date isn't supposed to read "1861," McDonald County set down a path that would lead to their seceding and becoming an independent territory on this date in 1961.

David Rice Atchison in 1849

Senator David Rice Atchison is President For a Day: March 4, 1849

Senator David Rice Atchison may have been U.S. President for one day on this date in 1849.

Sarah Buckner illustration

Sarah Buckner is Freed From Jail: February 5, 1857

This date in Missouri history in 1857 was the scheduled execution date for a Mrs. Sarah Buckner, who, along with her daughter, was accused and convicted of killing her second husband with an ax.

August 14, 1936

It might have been a good idea to sleep on the porch or in the park. On this day the temperature in Kansas City was 113 degrees.

June 2, 1997

Red Chaney died in Springfield on this day. He was the entrepreneur who invented the drive-through window. For 38 years he operated "Red's Giant Hamburg" on Route 66.

June 1, 1900

The folks in Lawrence County just got the news that the bond issue had passed and they would be building a new courthouse.

May 19, 1923

A new advertising strategy involving planes spelling out words with smoke had been developed, and for the first time a skywriter was seen over St. Louis spelling out "Lucky Strike."

May 6, 1888

St. Louis residents were finding eels in their sinks. The water commissioner said that eels and minnows could easily pass through the filters when they were young and then would grow while they lived in the settling basins. 

May 2, 1878

The Neosho Times reported that some Washburn, MO boys were working for a farmer when they plowed up about $80 worth of gold and silver which the farmer had buried there at the beginning of the Civil War.

March 14, 1871

Barton County Missouri filed a lawsuit against Wyatt Earp claiming that he did not surrender the tax money and fees he had collected for local schools.