Busiest day at St. Louis Union Station

On December 22, 1945, the busiest day in the history of St. Louis Union Station. Train stations across the country were packed with soldiers returning home from World War II. On busy days, more than 100,000 travelers would make their way through Union Station, but this day was especially busy, as travelers reported lines of people at every door and hardly any floor space available for standing. 

Jimmy Doolittle Centerville Missouri Doolittle Missouri

October 11, 1946

In honor of the brave leader of the "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" Centerville (west of Rolla on Route 66) was re-named for the leader of the raid, St. Louis oil executive, Jimmy Doolittle. General Doolittle himself was there for the ceremony. 

General MacArthur standing with soldier

The Story Behind General Douglas MacArthur’s Legendary Missouri-Made Pipe

Here's how the Missouri Meerschaum company ended up being commissioned to create a custom pipe for one of America's most legendary generals.

February 23, 1945

Lieutenant Harold George Schrier, a Missourian, led a group of US Marines up Mount Suribachi and, on this date, planted a flag at her top signaling the great victory at Iwo Jima. Schrier was born at Corder, MO and want to school at Lexington, MO.