If you are truly interested in Casinos, you’re probably at some point asked yourself, wondering which casinos are the oldest? Part of the history at this point? How did the popularity of casinos start?  Well, today we are going to take a look so you will be free to review casinos, and were the first people who played started out of curiosity, to popularize the many fun gambling activities we know today! Why not also check out and play online casino irish here!

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For now, here are the oldest Casinos in the world:

 The Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas

Usually, if you want to gamble and visit a fun area in the U.S, your first option should definitely be Nevada! The oldest casino to officially open up was at first called “Hotel Nevada ” in 1906, but it just became a full casino as we know it today in the year 1931, only because gambling was banned in Nevada in 1909.

When gambling became legal again, they changed this casino’s name to ”Sal Segev casino”! If you enjoy playing in casinos, listening to live music, and experiencing areas with rich history, definitely go to this wonderful casino!


Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco

This is a stunning place and is also Monaco’s first casino, which was opened first in 1856 when Princess Carolina came up with the idea.
This Casino as well as the other old casinos in this list, has an interesting history, such as moving grounds in the year 1863. This place inspired many movies and fictional settings with its beautiful scenery.
It has wonderful fine dining, live shows and other elegant offers you should check out when visiting!

 Kurhaus of Baden-Baden in Germany

This wonderful casino in Germany takes us all the way back to 1820, where it was first built as a neoclassical design! But actually, the casino became a noteworthy casino only in 1834! It seems that because at that time, gambling games got banned in France, a lot of French people came to bet and try their luck in Germany! This casino is still very much open for visitors, and it is full of art and history, as well as old and classic gambling that never gets old.

Casino de Spa in Belgium

This huge casino was established in 1763, and has actually gone through a number of transformations in the entirety of its existence! In 1918 it got rebuilt after the damage occurred in the casino, there was an unfortunate fire incident, but not to worry, the casino definitely didn’t lose its charm, even after so many years, this casino is in good care, always colourful and fun to visit, and this lovely gambling place has interesting competitions to keep everything lively and exciting. If you are reading this as a fan of casino games and gambling, you should also go online and เล่นบาคาร่า.

 Casinò di Venezia, in Italy

This is it! The oldest casino in the entire world. This ancient building opened its door far in 1638. While this amazing casino itself was founded all the way back in the 15th century, it only moved into its current building in the 1950s. The legacy of this ancient casino is really impressive, but with all that in mind, it is actually quite modern, and a fun mix of history and familiarity is packed in there, and that’s why its comfortable feeling still holds up today!

 These are officially the oldest casinos in the world. If you’re looking for a memory and an unforgettable view when you’re travelling and gambling, having fun travelling, you should for sure give a chance and get a little bit of culture as you’re spending your time gambling in different places around the globe! Because of the pandemic, sadly there aren’t places to visit often, and that’s why you should be stuffing and planning your next visits in meaningful places that are also very fun and interesting, although online casinos are a great switch and a show of how technology can be fun, there’s nothing like travelling around the world and meeting funny people as you experience the real thing, and gamble and play games for real! So now that you have much more information about ancient and full of history casinos, you can search and find your favourite places, and add another destination to your upcoming gamble trip! Just stay safe, wear masks if needed, respect the culture and the people, and overall be a kind person. I am very sure we are all struggling with the global pandemic, and when we’ll be able to travel again, let’s have the most fun and get new beautiful memories, play games, and experience some history with our close friends!