Missouri is a culturally rich state in the Mid-western region of the United States and is home to the Ozark Mountains and scintillating scenery. It serves as the first destination on the bucket list of those who wish to tour around the US. The state renders a long list of outdoor attractions and is draped by magnificent lakes, caves, mountains, and rivers. People who holiday in Missouri get to explore its ancient cities and museums and indulge in several adventurous activities.

Things To See And Do In Missouri

Missouri road trip tips

Believed to be the paradise on Earth, here are the top things that you can see and do in Missouri. No wonder it has been rightly nicknames as the show me state.

Gateway Arch

This is one of the famous places to visit in Missouri, and it is located in St. Louis.  Its gleaming curve peaks at around 600 feet above the skyline of the city, and as it is seen for miles everywhere, it can be admired from a faraway place. There is also an observation deck, where we can take a ride to the top and gaze out the scenery below that encompasses buildings, parks, buildings, and the Mississippi River. 

City Museum

The city museum is not another plain square bricked building in St. Louis, but includes strange shapes emerging out of the floors and is one of the craziest vacation spots in Missouri. The museum encompasses several exhibits starting from taxidermy animals to mineral collections and is a crazy mix of a funhouse, a playground, and an art gallery.

The Lake of the Ozarks

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful places to visit in Missouri, and the visitors can swim, boat, raft, bike, hike, and do a lot of fun activities. The surface area of this lake is about 54,000 acres which is plenty of space to explore. Fireworks are organized in summer, and holiday lights will be hung in winter, there are also garden shows around this lake in spring and food festivals in fall. There is no limit on enjoyment while exploring the lake of the Ozarks.

Roaring River Park

This park is located about 8 miles away from Cassville in Barry County and is nestled in the deep, shady, and narrow valley of the Ozark Mountains. The rainbow trout in the river attracts tourists, and there are also several hiking trails, barbeque facilities, and picnic spots in this park with a nature center and a swimming pool.

Waterfall Park

The waterfall park is one of the best places to explore in Missouri. It has a beautiful and ten-foot-tall waterfall that crashed down the rocks and into the pool below. This human-made waterfall is located in the middle of the metropolis.

Busch Stadium

This place attracts thousands of tourists each year and is one of the best sites located in Missouri. This stadium hosts almost everything from concerts to major league baseball games and is also located near the ballpark village, which offers bars, shops, hall of fame exhibits, and breweries. This place always bustles with energy and also hosts a lot of events. There is also a retractable canopy with restaurants and bars with karaoke machines.

On the Road in Missouri – Tips to Remember

You can expect to have the best vacation in Missouri if you plan for a road trip around the state. Road trips are exciting and promising to help with tremendous fun and enjoyment all through the day. But certain precautions are to be exerted while exploring Missouri on a road trip.

  • Fill the gas tank before heading for the road trip to ensure that your trip is not halted without fuel.
  • Make sure to have enough food and water refilled in the vehicle if you are traveling with children.
  • Stop at intervals to take some rest for stretching, and this can be of great help if you are traveling with small children around.
  • There are all chances of encountering problems with vehicles, and thus it is always helpful to have sought roadside assistance if you have to break down in the middle of nowhere.

Generally, roadside assistance can help with unexpected vehicle repairs, vehicle towing, fuel refilling, and other services so that you don’t have to be strangled in some unknown location. It is always advisable to have their contacts handy, along with other emergency contact numbers while enjoying a long road trip by car. After all, such pitfalls should not come in the way of your vacation in Missouri.