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We feel completely comfortable claiming you’ll never find another property quite like this turn-of-the-century home in Rich Fountain. That’s because it’s more than just a house—it’s also a small business, if you want it to be.

Throughout its more than 100-year lifespan, this splendid structure with a stunning stone exterior has served as a bistro as well as a single-family residence. Hints of its time as a charming customer-serving property abound around its open main room, where you’ll find ornate woodworking as well as tile detailing on the floor, quirky signage, eye-catching, glass-lined counters and a full-service commercial kitchen. It’s a perfect combination of practical and fun: shelves across the right wall provide ample storage space, while a wood-burning stove, lamp-style light fixtures and bright teal doors add to the property’s charm.

Upstairs, this property’s unique allure only grows stronger as one enters a banquet-style dining space bathed in natural light, with several wooden chairs and tables, red brick accents and a lengthy countertop. It’s perfect for serving a crowd—or a hungry family.

The meticulously crafted finished basement boasts a charming bar complete with storage areas for wine glasses. Stone walls grab your attention  as they accentuate the property’s “vintage, yet modern” theme.  

The house also offers two full bathrooms, one half-bathroom, a fenced yard, a two-car detached garage and walk-in closets—all ideal amenities for a family or a business owner.

This property is currently listed for sale by Associated Real Estate Group in Jefferson City for $292,000. View the complete listing, which features more than fifty photos of this distinctive living (or commercial!) space, here.