Smooth Sailing on Stockton Lake

The wind is your friend when you're sailing on Stockton Lake, Missouri's premier sailing lake. With more than 25,000 acres of pristine water and 300 miles of shoreline, it's the…

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Ride over to Springfield’s Bicycle Museum

Discover a treasure trove of two-wheeled history, including a bicycle built for 12, a 1911 Wright Brothers bike, and hundreds of other fascinating examples from the earliest…

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Discovery Journal: Springfield

Very few businesses like 1984 still exist compared to the more than ten thousand pinball and video game arcades that were in the United States during the ‘80s. So, playing…

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Reasons Rescue Ranch

Unwanted and neglected animals find sanctuary and purpose at a Christian County ranch.

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Q&A: A Rural Mail Carrier

A rural mail carrier describes making her rounds.

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Missouri Mule Makeovers

This contest measures mules and their trainers.

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The Ballad of Randy Cate: Show-Me State Cowboy

Cowboy Randy Cate garners the Chester A. Reynolds award for a life spent on horseback.

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