January 21, 1879

The Kansas Senate approved a plan to move their border eastward, thus stealing Kansas City from Missouri.

January 20, 1935

Pro basketball player and Mizzou coach Stormin’ Norman Stewart was born in Shelby County.

January 18, 1916

A meteorite weighing just over 1.3 pounds fell on a barn near Baxter in Stone County.

January 17, 1927

Birthday of humanitarian Dr. Thomas Dooley in St. Louis. He was a diligent medical pioneer in Southeast Asia and John F. Kennedy named Dooley as his inspiration for starting the Peace Corps.

January 16, 1911

Birthday of Baseball's most colorful character, Dizzy Dean.

January 15, 1844

 Birthday of farmer, guerrilla fighter, and outlaw, Cole Younger.

January 14, 1790

Daniel Dunklin was born on this day. Dunklin was the fifth Governor of Missouri and is sometimes called the Father of Missouri Public Schools.

January 12, 1997

Steve Fossett took off from Busch Stadium aboard his balloon "Solo Spirit" and set a world distance record when he landed in India.

January 11, 1944

Missourian James H. Howard got separated from his fighter group and, all alone, attacked a German flight of thirty planes.