October 29, 1937

Henry Armstrong—the only man to ever hold three championship titles at the same time—won his first title (Featherweight) on this date.  He was a lifelong St. Louis resident.

October 28, 1965

The tallest national monument in America, St. Louis’s Gateway Arch was completed on this date. 

October 27, 1906

On this day, Robert McClure Snyder, one of the wealthiest men in Kansas City and the builder of Ha Ha Tonka in Camden County was out for a drive. He was one of the first people in Kansas City to have an automobile. His driver swerved to miss a child and Snyder became one of the first to be killed in an auto accident.

October 26, 1925

A huge crowd turned out to dedicate the new Route 66 bridge over the Meramec at Fenton. The bottle of pre-prohibition champagne set aside for the Christening turned up missing before the ceremony.

October 25, 1930

TWA established the first coast-to-coast all-air passenger service on this date. The planes flew from New York to Kansas City for an overnight stop and then on to Los Angeles. Total trip time was 36 hours.

October 24, 1832

The last American Indian lands in Missouri were given up on this day. The Kickapoo Tribe surrendered over 2 million acres in Missouri for about one third that much in Kansas. They also got $18,000.

October 23, 1992

We still don't know who pulled off the robbery at the United Missouri Bank in downtown St. Louis on this day. 

October 21, 1955

An unknown singer was the opening act for Roy Acuff's three day stint in St. Louis. No one seemed excited about the young Elvis Presley.

October 20, 1883

The historic riverboat Far West sank at Mullanphy's Island near the mouth of the Missouri. It was one of Custer's boats and after Little Bighorn it steamed back 920 miles in just 54 hours! The Far West is also the subject of a Gary Lucy painting.

October 19, 1931

Bagnell Dam was completed and water began to back up forming the Lake of the Ozarks and covering towns like Linn Creek.