Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe Patent

Henry Tibbe’s Patent For an Improved Corn Cob Pipe is Approved: July 9, 1878

Dutch immigrant and woodworker Henry Tibbe received approval on his patent application for an improved corncob pipe on this date in 1878.

The Battle of Carthage is Fought: July 5, 1861

The Battle of Carthage was fought and the Confederates had their first victory.

The Hannibal Bridge in Kansas City Opens: July 3, 1869

The Burlington Bridge at Kansas City, also called the Hannibal Bridge, was completed. It was the first bridge ever built across the Missouri River.

Astronaut Linda M. Godwin is Born in Cape Girardeau: July 2, 1952

Astronaut Linda M. Godwin was born in Cape Girardeau on this date. She grew up in Jackson, Missouri and graduated from Jackson High School in 1970.

Another Duel is Fought on Bloody Island: June 30, 1823

On this date in history, Missouri's first secretary of state, Joshua Barton, was killed in a duel.