May 18, 1849

On this date in Missouri history, the Great St. Louis Riverfront Fire raged, eventually destroying more than 400 buildings and changing the face of the city.

May 17, 1956

Elvis Presley performs at the Shrine Mosque in downtown Springfield after briefly disappearing.

May 16, 1998

On this date in Missouri history, Mark McGwire hits the longest home run in Busch Stadium II history at 545 feet.

May 14, 1804

On this date in history, the Lewis and Clark Expedition—also known as the Voyage of Discovery—sets out across Missouri to explore the lands west of the Mississippi.

May 13, 1946

Who knew? Bell Systems announces that car phones will make their nationwide debut in St. Louis.

May 12, 1925

Lawrence Berra took on the nickname “Yogi” because his friends thought he resembled a Hindu holy man they had seen in a movie.

May 11, 2011

On this date in Missouri history, the U.S. Census Bureau moved the “Population Center of the United States” is to Plato, Missouri.

May 10, 1957

On this date in Missouri history, African American entrepreneur Annie Pope Malone dies. She grew her small business into a household name in the early 1900s, making her one of the wealthiest women in St. Louis.

May 9, 1840

Mastodon bones are discovered in Missouri. Although the exact date of discovery is unknown, it was around this day that a farmer near current-day Imperial found large fossils that he wanted inspected.

May 8, 1898

On this date in Missouri history, the St. Louis Motor Carriage Company is founded.