March 2, 1781

Birthday of Nathan Boone. The explorer, community leader, and soldier lived at Femme Osage (Defiance) and Ash Grove, Missouri.

March 1, 1893

At a meeting of the National Electric Light Association in St. Louis, Nikola Tesla made the first public demonstration of a new device called a radio.

February 28, 1803

Congress set aside money on this date for a small military unit to explore the valleys of the Missouri and Columbia Rivers. Thomas Jefferson chose a childhood friend, Meriwether Lewis, to head the expedition.

February 27, 1849

Butler County was formed on this date.

February 26, 1781

This the birthday of our third Governor. Abraham J. Williams was a one-legged shoemaker from Boone County who rose to prominence in the Missouri Senate before serving one short term as the Chief Executive. He was also a founder of the Boone County Fair which was the very first county fair west of the Mississippi.

February 25, 1976

Reporters were allowed to try the new Screamin' Eagle roller coaster at Six Flags in Eureka. At sixty-two miles per hour, it was the nation’s tallest, longest, and fastest coaster.

February 23, 1853

Westminster College chartered in Fulton on this date in Missouri history.

February 22, 1860

The steamboat, E. A. Ogden sank in Murray's Bend above Jefferson City.

February 21, 1931

The gates of Bagnell Dam were closed on this day.

February 20, 1848

Birthday of Uriel Sebree, in Fayette, Missouri. He served as Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Fleet, Arctic Explorer, Governor of American Samoa.