National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

December 7, 1941

George A. Whiteman from Sedalia was shot down as his plane took off from Hawaii. He became the first pilot killed in World War II. Whiteman Air Force Base near Sedalia is named in his honor.

Sign for St. Louis Lambert International Airport

December 6, 1875

Birth of Albert Bond Lambert, the eighth balloon pilot in America and the person who bought, cleared, and leveled a flying field that is now an international airport at St. Louis.

New Madrid Earthquakes

December 3, 1990

This date in Missouri history: Schools and businesses closed while families stocked up on supplies. This date was predicted to see a gigantic earthquake along the New Madrid Fault. Nothing happened.

Young girl views a hippopotamus at the St. Louis Zoo.

December 2, 1913

On this date in Missouri history: St. Louis Mayor Kiel signed an ordinance establishing a zoo in St. Louis in Forest Park. The idea was almost killed because of a lawn-mowing dispute.

Photo of an old cabin or shanty.

December 1, 1911

This date in Missouri history: A new town with 25 houses was springing up in Taney County. The town called Camp Glover was for workers on the new hydro-electric dam.

The state Capitol building in Jefferson City, Missouri.

November 30, 1915

This date in Missouri history. Henry T. Smith was crushed while quarrying stone for the new Missouri Capitol Building. 

Image from inside an old one-room school house.

November 29, 1918

This date in Missouri history: They had a pie supper at the Perkins School in Manes, Mo. The 21-year-old teacher, Joe Todd, was shot clean through. There was no suspect; the teacher recovered.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Photo from Unsplash

November 25, 1911

This date in Missouri history: Walt Disney’s legendary cartoonist, Paul Murry, was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. Murry drew most of the Mickey Mouse comic books. 

November 24, 1921

This date in Missouri history. The state’s Attorney General’s Office determined that, while women were now allowed to vote and hold official positions, they could not serve on juries because being a jury member was not an official position. 

Washington University flag

November 23, 1791

Philanthropist John O’Fallon was born on this day.  He established the O’Fallon Institute which is now Washington University.