Northwest Missouri State University

March 25, 1905

A teachers training college was founded at Maryville. Today it is called Northwest Missouri State University.

Missouri State Capitol Jefferson City

March 24, 1911

Legislation was signed and bond issues awarded on this day for the building of our present Capitol Building.

Joplin Missouri Postcard

March 23, 1873

Joplin was incorporated on this day by the state, but it had already been there for a long and colorful time.

Arthur Bryant's Kansas City Barbecue

March 22, 1940

Henry Perry died in Kansas City and turned his legendary barbecue restaurant over to Charlie Bryant.


March 21, 1888

A photographer in Jefferson County was offering to take horseographs or jackotypes. Photographs of fine horses and mules.

March 20, 1944

Spring Training began for the St. Louis Browns. And yes, they did go south for the training—to Cape Girardeau.

De Le Salle

March 19, 1687

The French explorer Robert de La Salle, who expeditioned in Missouri and the Mississippi Valley, was murdered on this date by mutineers.

Tri-State Tornado Missouri

March 18, 1925

The “Tri-State Tornado” struck Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. It killed 695 people and injured more than 2,000.

March 15, 1893

Work was completed on the KATY railroad between St. Charles and New Franklin. Now it is a beautiful bicycle trail all across the state.

Fulton Missouri

March 14, 1859

The city of Fulton was incorporated on this date in Missouri history.