Two pints of beer

July 30, 1877

On this day the St. Louis County Council  raised the drinking age from 16 to 18. 

child holding an ice cream cone in Missouri Ice Cream Shop

July 29, 1904

The International Association of Ice Cream Makers credit Syrian immigrant, Ernest Hamwi, with using his wafer-like pastries to hold a scoop of ice cream on this day.  Thus, the ice cream cone was born at World's Fair in St. Louis.  He called it a World's Fair Cornucopia.  

Jesse James wanted poster

July 28, 1881

Governor Crittenden offered a $5,000 reward for anyone who could help in the arrest and conviction of the James Gang. 

July 28, 1849

Committee of Health declared the great cholera epidemic was over. At least 8,423 people died in St. Louis but countless others died along the Missouri River Valley to the west.

Stan Musial bridge in St. Louis

July 26, 2013

The two sides of the new Stan Musial Memorial Bridge across the Mississippi were joined in the middle on this day in St. Louis.

July 23, 1904

This was the reported date when some say the ice cream cone was created and seen for the first time ... at the St. Louis World's Fair, of course.

people dumping out liquor into the streets during the Missouri Prohibition of alcohol

July 22, 1925

St. Louis police arrested 179 people in raids on stills and speakeasies. Jennie Buttee of Dagett Street told police she didn't even know there was 5000 gallons of mash in her basement.

July 21, 1865

On the square in Springfield, Wild Bill Hickok killed Davis Tutt in what many consider the first true western showdown.

Moon Landing

July 20, 1969

Where were you?  Most Missourians were at their TV sets watching Neil Armstrong step out onto the Moon.

Missouri Constitution

July 19, 1820

Missouri's first Constitution was adopted at the temporary capital in St. Louis.