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Nine Great Books We Recommend

The editors of Missouri Life reviewed nine books that we recommend you check out. From the weird and wonderful, to the struggle for the right to vote, to a charming children’s book, there is something for everyone to read.

Missouri History Today

Oregon Trail Painting

The First Large Wagon Train Departs For Oregon: May 22, 1843

The first large wagon train (more than one thousand people) left Independence for the Oregon Territory.


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Scenic Rides and Drives: Marshall, MO

There's a lot to love in one short jaunt through the Missouri River Valley. This scenic ride takes motorists through an off-the-radar town that’s home to museums, music, a plethora of outdoor activities, and Missouri’s favorite wonder dog.

11 Country Stores and Where to Find Them

Feeling nostalgic? These country stores—which can carry anything from seeds and tools to artisanal groceries and handicrafts—might have what you're looking for. Stock up on supplies and sundries and get to know the communities these shops serve.

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Home Maintenance During Spring and Allergy Season

The spring blooms not only bring warmer temperatures, but they can also lead to seasonal allergies this time of the year. By following these simple tips from Trane, homeowners can mitigate these triggers and create a healthier home environment.

Made in Missouri

Missouri Food and Drinks

Made in MO: L’Osage Caviar

Craving a little luxury? Consider caviar. Believe it or not, this delicacy is harvested close to home in Osage Beach. Spoon a little on top of some crème fraîche and pour a glass of champagne and voila—a meal fit for royalty.

James Buchanan Eads is Born: May 23, 1820

James Buchanan Eads was born on this date in 1820. The famous St. Louisan was responsible for constructing the Eads Bridge, pioneering the use of the diving bell, and building ironclads for the use of the US Navy during the Civil War.

Missouri Food and Drinks

Bug Appétit

They're noisy. They're everywhere. They're ... surprisingly delicious? For entomologists at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, this spring's cicada emergence is the perfect opportunity to try out some new recipes. Cicada scampi, anyone?

You Want Fries With That?

These are no ordinary french fries. Across Missouri, chefs are putting a hot new spin on the humble spud. Sure, you could dip 'em in ketchup, but these restaurants are bringing something much more exciting than that to the table.

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Missouri History


A Pow Wow for the People

The For the People Pow Wow is an intertribal celebration of Indigenous culture in Missouri. This two-day event has been described as a cross between a family reunion and a music festival with dancing, singing, and colorful regalia.

Pickers and Grinners

The Arcadia Valley Mountain Music Festival in Ironton has become a beloved annual tradition for fans of bluegrass, gospel, and country music. In addition to performances by professional groups, the festival offers ample opportunities for jam sessions.

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