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Missouri History Today

Ron Marr: Of Mice and Me

Missouri Life Musings columnist Ron Marr battles critters set on ruining his truck. Unlike nature featured in glossy vacations guides, Ron's experience with Mother Nature is decidedly not that great. At least the mice are happy.

Missouri History Today

Missouri Capitol Building

Missouri’s Constitution is Ratified by Voters: February 27, 1945

Jimmy Emerson Missouri's fourth and current constitution was ratified on this date in 1945. The need for a new constitution arose from various factors, including demographic shifts, economic changes, and the perceived influence of corrupt machine politics on the state. The previous constitution, adopted in 1875, was…


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Have a Ball: Missouri’s Big Balls of String

Missouri has three giant balls of string, and none actually hold the world record for being the largest. Spend a weekend traveling around the state to see these crazy big balls of string. There are also many things to see and do in each of these “Balls of String” towns.

Take Off On An Impromptu Adventure

It is time to shake off the winter blues. We found four great places to go see on your “Winter Thaw” adventure. From St. Louis, to Springfield, to St. Charles, you will want to hit the road and leave Old Man Winter behind.

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Delight in Colorful Blooms at the Orchid Show

Open daily now through February 25, the Missouri Botanical Garden’s annual Orchid Show brings a tropical paradise to the Jack C. Taylor Visitor Center for a once-a-year display brimming with colorful blooms.

Made in Missouri

Missouri Food and Drinks

Herbaria Makes Natural Soap, Shampoo, & Insect Repellent in St. Louis

In Ken Gilberg’s line of work, he gets on his soapbox daily. He loves to speak out about Herbaria, his St. Louis-based company’s all-natural, vegetable-based soaps, deodorants, bath bombs, bath salts, moisturizers, aftershaves, insect repellents, and gifts.

Made in Missouri: 5Gen Salsa

For salsa devotees looking to shop and eat local, 5Gen Salsa has what you need. This sweet and spicy salsa first took fans by surprise when Harrisburg resident Kim Ham-Lanes started bottling and selling the salsa. Since 2011, 5Gen’s lineup of bloody mary mix and mild and medium salsas has won its fair share of awards, and for good reason. This family recipe has been a winner for five generations.

Missouri Food and Drinks

Cheers to the Brew Fest!

Raise a glass and toast this Ozark town that is hosting a Brew Fest as a fundraiser to support the arts. Expect half-a-dozen independent breweries and a couple of big distributors representing another dozen breweries, both classics to trendy.

Missouri Life Columnist Doug Frost Asks, How Natural is Wine?

Wine and Master Sommelier, Doug Frost, ponders what makes wine natural. Or is wine in itself natural? The term “natural” is more of a marketing concept than a truth in the wine making process. Doug sorts through the misinformation for us.

Arts & Culture

Missouri History


Annual Kansas City Auction Mixes Art & Merriment

Original art adds pizzazz to your home. You’ll discover exquisite art at the annual Kansas City Artists Coalition’s auction. The online preview will get you revved up to bid, and there’s a feature for those who require instant gratification.

City Museum Commemorates Black History Month with Art

The City Museum in St. Louis is a high-energy, family-friendly destination, and where better to display a unique collection of bold, thought-provoking art? The “Blessed by the Ancestors” exhibit features incredible works by St. Louis artists.

Missouri History

See Our German Heritage at Deutschheim State Historic Site

Visit the Pommer-Gentner house and the Strehly house at this State Historic Site. See a  printing press similar to what was used to print one of the first German language newspapers west of the Mississippi. To round out your visit take a stroll through historic Hermann.


Meet the Doctor Who is also a Donkey Rescuer

When Dr. Beth Hakala isn’t busy tending to patients in the ER, she is at her Peaceful Pastures farm, caring for the 300 donkeys, mules, and horses she has rescued. Find out what sparked Beth’s passion for donkeys and learn how you can help.