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Missouri History Today

Tiny Hooves and Big Hearts

At R&R Ranch, Stacy Rolfe offers a happy—and picturesque—home to miniature horses that have been abandoned or abused. Visitors are invited to tour this special sanctuary and learn about how the horses are cared for and what they've overcome.

Missouri History Today

Tom Pendergast is Born: July 22, 1873

Kansas City political boss Tom Pendergast was born. Known for using nefarious methods to get his way, Pendergast ran the town of Kansas City and the surrounding Jackson County area for nearly fifteen years, from 1925 to 1939.


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9 Lovely Little Lakes

Many of Missouri's smaller lakes rival the pleasures of our bigger, better-known lakes. Whether you favor a city setting or a country escape, you're sure to find something that strikes your fancy. These are just a few standouts.

An Aquatic Playground

Boasting six lakes, Missouri's largest natural sand beach, a rare sand prairie, and a series of hiking and biking trails, Wakonda State Park is a popular attraction for boating enthusiasts, birders, campers, and other nature lovers.

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Beat the Heat this Summer: HVAC Tips for Your Home

With temperatures already nearing 100 degrees, staying cool could be a challenge this summer.
Trane Residential has DIY summer maintenance tips and ways you can keep your home naturally cooler for the warmer days ahead. 

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Missouri Food and Drinks

Hannibal Potter Celebrates 50 Years

For five decades, Hannibal-based potter Steve Ayers has made a beautiful balance of form and function the focus of his work. These days the artist is working with his daughter, Lindsey, and the results are truly a thing to behold.

Well, Wood You Look at That?

Now in its third year, Millers Rustic Sawmill's annual Sawdust Fest has become a must-see event. Attendees can take in various demonstrations and shop with regional artisans. And trust us, you do not want to miss the belt sander race.

Missouri Food and Drinks

Pop Stars

Hosted by the iconic Independence soda company Polly's Pop, PopFest is a celebration of all things pop: soda pop, popcorn, pop music, pop quizzes ... you get the idea. Come for the sweet treats, stay for the surprises that are sure to pop up.

André’s Sweet Life

For almost 70 years, the Bollier family has delighted patrons with chocolates and pastries at André’s Confiserie Suisse in Kansas City. In addition to the sweets, diners can enjoy a three-course lunch paired with a fine wine or craft cocktail.

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Missouri History


When a Hero Comes Along

Whether you're into superheroes, sci-fi, or fantasy, Heroes for Kids Comic Con is your chance to both see and be a hero. Come dressed as your favorite character and meet up with well-known novelists, comic-book authors, and actors.

Making the Arts a Family Affair

The Saint Louis Art Museum knows a thing or two about making fine art more accessible to youngsters. Its Family Sunday series combines famous works with fun activities designed to get families thinking creatively together.

Missouri History

Belle starr Fort Smith on a horse with a pistol

7 Outlaw Women From Missouri

From the “Petticoated Terror of the Plains” Belle Starr to the fearless Bonnie Parker of America’s most notorious criminal couple, Missouri holds ties to more than its share of nefarious women.