An Aura of Her Own

With an aesthetic that's equal parts Mick Jagger and Monticello, Kansas City-based interior designer Kelee Katillac has made an international name for herself as a creative force with a bold vision for historic preservation projects.

Get To Know A Remarkable Ozarks Newspaperwoman

Lucile Morris Upton blazed new trails for female journalists and brought widespread attention to the Missouri Ozarks region. A new biography and an upcoming lecture by Susan Croce Kelly shine a spotlight on this remarkable Missouri writer.

Nine Great Books We Recommend

The editors of Missouri Life reviewed nine books that we recommend you check out. From the weird and wonderful, to the struggle for the right to vote, to a charming children’s book, there is something for everyone to read.

A St. Louis Death and the Search for Truth

Journalist Ben Westhoff mentored a young Black man through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. When the young man is killed, after sinking into drug abuse and being armed almost all the time, Ben searches for the killer.

How to Overcome Unconscious Bias

Jessica Nordell, author of The End of Bias: A Beginning: The Science and Practice of Overcoming Unconscious Bias, will discuss what she’s learned in her 15 years of in-depth study focusing on the efforts being undertaken thus far to combat bias and discrimination in our society.

Missouri’s American Indians Told Stories in Winter

The Osage, Missouria, Ioway, and Otoe native nations that lived in what is now Missouri celebrated wintertime in their own ways. Here, we share three Native American tales to curl up with on a cold evening.

Now Do You Know Where You Are Book Review

Book lovers may enjoy the new book, Now Do You Know Where You Are, by St. Louis poet Dana Levin. Her new collection conjures the end times and gives readers some welcome company.

Missouri’s women senators promote ‘You Can, Too!’

Missouri's women senators are promoting "You Can, Too!," a book designed to engage young readers, promote literacy, instill confidence and encourage young girls to follow their passions. Sen. Sandy Crawford hosted a tea party event on Tuesday in Buffalo.

Library’s annual romance convention returns August 4-6

Mid-Continent Public Library’s annual Romance GenreCon convention for romance readers and writers will return August 4-6.

Recommended Reading

Missouri authors and books capture our imaginations with this list of recommended reading.