July 7, 1879

Missouri lost a great treasure on this day. Artist George Caleb Bingham died in Kansas City.

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July 6, 1763

Maxent, Laclede and Company of New Orleans was granted the exclusive rights to trade with American Indians in the Mississippi Valley on this day. Hence, Laclede and his stepson…

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July 3, 1919

Missouri ratified the nineteenth Amendment giving women the right to vote in national elections.

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July 2, 1952

Astronaut, Linda M. Godwin, was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. She grew up in Jackson, Missouriand graduated from Jackson High School in 1970. She received a Bachelor of…

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July 1-2, 1859

John Wise established a world distance record, traveling 809 miles from St. Louis to New York in the Atlantic, a 65,000-cubic-foot helium balloon. This was only the second balloon…

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Nocturnal Animals

These Missouri creatures come out at night.

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June 30, 1949

The Missouri Waltz was chosen as our state song. It was used as Truman's theme song but it was reported that he had a strong dislike for the tune and the words.

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June 29, 1950

What many regard as the greatest upset in World Cup history, the U.S. team beat England. Five of the players were from St. Louis and four of those were from The Hill. A movie was…

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June 28, 1902

It was announced that Frank James had decided to live again in Kearney, MO along with his wife. He also stated (through his attorney) that his aged mother was planning to live…

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