May 23, 1874

The Eads Bridge across the Mississippi was opened for pedestrians. This privately funded bridge cost five cents to cross or, for ten cents, you could stay and "promenade in the…

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May 22, 1843

The first large wagon train (more than 1,000 people) left Independence for the Oregon Territory.

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May 21, 1856

The Missouri State Teachers Association was founded in Columbia. It was one of the nation's first organization for teachers.

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May 20, 1876

The St. Louis Globe merged with the St. Louis Democrat and, on this day, the first issue of the Globe-Democrat was sold.

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May 17, 1867

The Missouri Press Association was organized on this date.

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May 16, 1927

Runaway mules killed A.W. Bisby north of Brookfield.

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May 15, 1913

A large number of federal marshals left Springfield for the wilds of Ripley and Oregon counties to break up some illicit stills. These were said to be the last in Missouri. The…

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May 14, 1804

The Lewis and Clark Expedition (the Voyage of Discovery) left St. Louis to explore the unknown west.  

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May 13, 1946

St. Louis became the first city in the nation to offer telephones in your car. A radio telephone was available for fifteen dollars a month.  

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