May 7, 1953

The FCC approved the start-up of a new TV station by the Educational Television Commission.  It would, of course, be KETC.   

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May 6, 1888

St. Louis residents were finding eels in their sinks. The water commissioner said that eels and minnows could easily pass through the filters when they were young and then would…

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Historic Meets Contemporary at Boonville Luxury Lodging   

Boonville Luxury Lodging has the perfect pair of historic homes and landscaped gardens for your next weekend getaway or event.

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May 5, 1961

Alan Shepard became the first American to go into space. His Mercury capsule is one of twenty spaceships to be built in St. Louis by McDonnell-Douglas.  

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May 4, 1819

On this day nineteen-year-old Henry Shaw arrived in Missouri. He stepped off the steamboat Maid of Orleans, made a fortune, then retired to look for ways to use his money helping…

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May 3, 1870

On this day the railroad was welcomed into Springfield, Missouri. This effectively removed the Ozarks as a barrier to Springfield's connection with the east.

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May 2, 1878

The Neosho Times reported that some Washburn, MO boys were working for a farmer when they plowed up about $80 worth of gold and silver which the farmer had buried there at the…

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April 30, 1803

The treaty that authorized the Louisiana Purchase was signed on this date in Paris.

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