May 11, 1824

St. Regis Seminary opened. This was the first Roman Catholic institution in America to be founded for the higher education of American Indians.

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May 10, 1889

Three leaders of the Bald Knobbers were hanged on this day in Forsyth. The rope broke on one and he was taken back onto the scaffold and re-hanged. These vigilantes-gone-wild were…

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May 9, 1895

The little critters in the St. Louis drinking water were identified as a type of miniature crab. The Health Commissioner said that seeing them was actually a good thing. The water…

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May 8, 1867

The Missouri Women's Suffrage Club was organized for the purpose of gaining the right to vote for women. It was the first organization in the world with women's suffrage as its…

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May 7, 1974

The Gateway Arch welcomed its five-millionth visitor. It was a nine-year-old girl from Illinois. Among her special attendance prizes were a case of wine and some tickets to the…

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May 6, 1888

St. Louis residents were finding eels in their sinks. The water commissioner said that eels and minnows could easily pass through the filters when they were young and then would…

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May 5, 1961

Alan Shepard became the first American to go into space. His Mercury capsule is one of twenty spaceships to be built in St. Louis by McDonnell-Douglas.  

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News You Can Use During COVID-19

Virtual events, ways to give back, and food and drink options all around the state.

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May 4, 1876

A mass meeting called for the resignation of state lawmakers who favored the purchase of Forest Park. Opponents said that the park was too far from the city to be of any use and…

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May 3, 1930

Laura Ingalls became the first licensed woman pilot in St. Louis.

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