Fireworks, Music, and More at Jefferson City’s Salute to America

A beloved tradition for 20+ years, Salute to America is an all-day Independence Day extravaganza that brings the booms to Jefferson City. Enjoy food, drink, a parade, live music,…

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Lewis & Clark Spot Bison Near Kansas City: June 28, 1804

The Corps of Discovery sighted bison for the first time during their journey on this date.

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George Sibley Begins Surveying the Santa Fe Trail: June 27, 1825

George Sibley and his party departed from St. Charles on this day to survey what would become the Santa Fe Trail.

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Pop Stars

Hosted by the iconic Independence soda company Polly's Pop, PopFest is a celebration of all things pop: soda pop, popcorn, pop music, pop quizzes ... you get the idea. Come for…

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Space for Reflection

Gov. Daniel Dunklin's Grave State Historic Site is a one-acre cemetery plot. Here visitors can reflect on Dunklin's achievements, which include the establishment of tax-supported…

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Inventor William Lear is Born Near Hannibal: June 26, 1902

William Powell Lear was born on this date near Hannibal.

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Artist & Branson Resident Rose O’Neill is Born: June 25, 1874

Birthday of Rose O'Neill of Branson. O'Neill was an artist and illustrator who created the kewpie doll which was popular for many decades.

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The First Missouri River Steamboat Departs St. Louis: June 21, 1819

The first steamboat to sail on the Missouri River departed port in St. Louis on this date bound for what is now Omaha, Nebraska.

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The Dogwood is Named Our State Tree: June 20, 1955

The flowering dogwood was chosen as Missouri's official tree.

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