An electric railroad system planned in Mexico receives enthusiastic support as described on the front page of the Mexico Missouri Message newspaper. At a meeting held the previous week, wrote the editors, local businessmen elected C.F. Clark chair of a committee to explore the opportunity. Clark crowed, “Nothing that could come to Mexico would do the town as much good as this great railway system and if Mexico is successful it will be the center of operation, would be in command of the situation, and would be of lasting benefit.” This 1910 photo shows girls arriving for work at 6:30 a.m. at Friedman Shelby Shoe Company in Mexico.

Photo credit: Hine, L. W., photographer. (1910) Young girls going to work in Friedman Shelby Shoe Company, 6:30 A.M.Location: Mexico, Missouri. United States Missouri Mexico, 1910. October. [Photograph] Retrieved from the Library of Congress,