March 13, 1942

Opening day at the Home of Throwed Rolls. Lambert’s Café opened on this day in Sikeston.

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March 12, 1849

The Missouri Pacific Railroad was chartered. It was created to "… extend from St. Louis via Jefferson City, to the western boundary of Missouri, and thence to the Pacific……

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Here Are Our Photo Contest Winners

One of the most difficult and rewarding experiences we have at Missouri Life is to pick the winners of our photo contest. Not only does our state have an abundant array of photo…

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March 11, 1980

The floating McDonalds on the St. Louis riverfront opened on this date.

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March 10, 1914

At Newcomer Schoolhouse near Brunswick, MO, seven farmers formed the Newcomers Schoolhouse Farm Club.

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March 9, 1804

In St. Charles and St. Louis flag raising ceremonies were conducted recognizing the new American sovereignty.

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March 8, 1808

Meriwether Lewis arrived back in Missouri this time as Governor of the territory.

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March 7, 1849

Many of Missouri's most important pioneers and leaders are buried in the Bellefontaine Cemetery, which was started on this date.

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March 6, 1815

Residents along the Dardenne Creek got together on this day to build a church of logs. This original St. Peter's Church was later destroyed by a flooded Dardenne. The church was…

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March 5, 1974

Streaking was at its height and, on this day, 600 streakers claimed a world record at the University of Missouri.

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