Gooey cinnamon rolls at Branson Dough Company

Simply Sweet: Missouri’s surprising cinnamon roll heritage

A good cinnamon roll is not only evocative of the globe; it’s rooted in a spice that has traveled the world and delighted bakery customers for centuries.

The first edition of the Stars and Stripes newspaper

Relics: Stars and Stripes Museum and Library

Since the first Stars and Stripes was printed in Bloomfield in 1861, the Department of Defense designated Bloomfield as the birthplace of the Stars and Stripes newspaper. The Missouri Stars and Stripes was printed only once during the Civil War. It wouldn’t see publication again until World War I, when it was an eight-page weekly. Publication stopped after WWI, then for the first nine months of World War II, it was restarted.

Suicide Prevention in Missouri

The Missouri Institute of Mental Health has launched projects related to suicide prevention.

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The James Gang posing with shotguns and rifles

May 27, 1873

The James Gang held up the bank at Ste. Genevieve.

February 11, 1941

The first recording of "Sweet Betsy from Pike," the famous ballad which tells of Betsy and her uncle, Ike, westward pioneers from Pike County Missouri, happened on this day.

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