May 2, 1861

Missouri Governor Claiborne Jackson makes the final decision to have state militia assemble at Camp Jackson near St. Louis. Jackson had told President Lincoln that he would not assemble troops to fight against the South.

May 1, 1958

On this date in history, the KATY train that ran across the state of Missouri made its final trips. The cars were packed with passengers who wanted to be among the final riders on the legendary rail line.

April 30, 1926

A meeting is held in Springfield to resolve a dispute over the numbering of the new highway being built through the city. After a compromise, the historic telegram is sent to Washington, D.C., with the new name: Route 66.

Belle starr Fort Smith on a horse with a pistol. Public domain

February 3, 1846

This date in Missouri history: The “Bandit Queen,” Belle Starr, was born in Carthage, Missouri. She was probably the most infamous of all the pistol-packin’ mamas of those days.

Gooey cinnamon rolls at Branson Dough Company

Simply Sweet: Missouri’s surprising cinnamon roll heritage

A good cinnamon roll is not only evocative of the globe; it’s rooted in a spice that has traveled the world and delighted bakery customers for centuries.