Supernatural tales, rhyming riddles, canine capers, and Scott County history

Ghosts and more … 

Anthology by members of the Blackwater Literary Society, 227 pages, fiction, LiquidAmber Publishing, paperback (5.5 x 8.5  inches), $16.95.

John Hanford, Chuck Hocter, RM. Kinder, James Henry Taylor, and Chanda K. Zimmerman teamed up to present 15 supernatural tales inspired by real-life experiences, speculation about the afterlife, psychological trauma, and more. Not all of them are scary.

“Seeing is Believing” is an amusing tale written by Zimmerman, who explains in the note that follows each tale, “I simply can’t write a scary ghost story.”

Kansas City Scavenger

By Anne and Leslie Kniggendorf, 192 pages, nonfiction, Reedy Press, spiral-bound softcover (6 x 9  inches), $20.95.

Enjoy solving the clues in 330 photographs and rhyming riddles for 13 communities in the Kansas City area, as well as seven across the line in Kansas.

Scott County, History and Families, Bicentennial Edition

Compiled by the History Book Committee of Larry Braun, chair Gail Cummins Crader, Margaret Chapman Heuring, and Mary Beth Todt. 330 pages, history, Acclaim Press, hard cover (8.75 x 11.25  inches), $31.56 (on Amazon.)

People interested in Scott County will marvel at the old photos and the county’s rich history. Find this book published last year on various websites.

Peter Pike and the Silver Shepherd 

By Neal W. Fandek, 148 pages, fiction,, paperback (6 x 9  inches), $15.

This is the fifth in the historical thriller series by the Columbia author. The private eye must delve into the history of war dogs, space dogs, and more to find out why canny canines are terrorizing his hometown.