Think you’ve got what it takes to track down one of North America’s most famous cryptids? The third annual Weston Bigfoot Search is your chance to bring home the glory—and perhaps a special trophy. Pro tip: Start practicing your Bigfoot call now.

Bigfoot hunters are invited to Weston, Missouri, for the town’s third annual sasquatch scavenger hunt. The winner gets to take the sasquatch home.
Photo courtesy of Weston Missouri Chamber of Commerce

By Caroline Dohack

The search is on for one of North America’s most famous cryptids. The Weston Missouri Chamber of Commerce will host its third annual Weston Bigfoot Search from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 27 in Historic Downtown Weston.

Weston Missouri Chamber of Commerce Director Dennis O’Brien says this year’s scavenger hunt will be an app-based adventure. The goal isn’t necessarily to be the first to find Bigfoot, but to do the best job completing the challenges, which include selfie sidequests and—notably—a Bigfoot calling contest.

“Search permits” are $5 per person for sasquatch hunters ages 12 and up. These permits also entitle their holders to special discounts at local businesses. 

For example, the Green Dirt Farm Creamery Cafe will be serving up Woolly One sandwiches, a grilled cheese made with Woolly Rind and Aux Arcs cheese on sourdough. Weston Bend Candle Company, meanwhile, will offer a special Bigfoot-scented candle for the occasion. 

After the hunt kicks off, searchers are on the lookout for a Bigfoot statue hidden somewhere in the downtown area. The winner of the hunt gets to take the statue home at the end of the day. Runners-up will be entered into a drawing for a second sasquatch statue as well as other prizes. 

The elusive Bigfoot is seen hiding in the trees in Weston, Missouri. The purpose of this year’s Bigfoot Search isn’t to be the first to find him, but to do the best job completing all the scavenger hunt side quests. 
Photo courtesy of Weston Missouri Chamber of Commerce

O’Brien says many of the clues will require some knowledge of Weston’s history to solve, so now is a great time for a quick crash course. A few tidbits that might come in handy:

  • In 1837, Weston was Missouri’s second largest city after St. Louis. “It was where you went if you wanted to get on the Oregon or Santa Fe trails,” O’Brien says. “You’d come here to get outfitted before setting out into the wild.”
  • Weston boasted the state’s second largest port until 1881, when a flood shifted the Missouri River into a channel two miles away.
  • Established in 1842, the Weston Brewing Company is the oldest brewery west of the Hudson River. 

Overall, O’Brien says the family-friendly event is the perfect opportunity to get a gander at a beautifully maintained historic district. 

“You’re running up and down these streets downtown,” O’Brien said. “There’s a beautiful park right off it. We love it.”

Proceeds from permit sales will benefit the Masonic Lodge’s July 2 fireworks display.

Feature image courtesy of Pexels.

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