March 19, 1875

A former Missouri Representative, Isaac Parker, was appointed to a position as judge in what came to be known as ìThe Court of the Damned.î Parker became famous in the old west as "The Hanging Judge."

March 17, 1820

The riverboat Shamrock fired a salvo inviting everyone in St. Louis to the very first St. Patrick's Day celebration and parade in St. Louis and possibly the first in Missouri. Now they're wearin' the green in St. Louis, Kansas City, Rolla, Saint Patrick, New Haven, Shamrock, and of course in our Irish Wilderness.

March 16, 1964

Walt Disney announced plans to open an entertainment complex back in his home state. He wanted to open it on the St. Louis Riverfront. Gussie Busch insisted that he sell beer there but Disney said no. A short time later Disney announced plans for a complex in Orlando. 

March 14, 1782

Birthday of Senator Thomas Hart Benton. While terribly important in Missouri's history, he also has six counties named for him in other western states.

March 13, 1942

Opening day at the Home of Throwed Rolls. Lambert’s Café opened on this day in Sikeston.

March 12, 1955

The life of KC's fabulously talented Charlie "Bird" Parker ended on this day. He was suffering from pneumonia and an ulcer, as well as cirrhosis, and had struggled with declining mental health and an addiction to heroin and alcohol. He was 34 years old. Parker is buried in Lincoln Cemetery near Kansas City.

March 11, 1907

The University of Missouri Tigers met the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team for the first time. Missouri won 34–32. They played again the very next day and Missouri won 34–12.

March 10, 1963

Missouri's Supreme Court struck down the 138-year-old "Blue Law" prohibiting shopping on Sunday.  

March 9, 1872

Birthday of The Missouri Giantess, Ella Ewing. Ella was considered the world's tallest female of her era. She used her great height to earn a living as a sideshow attraction. Born a normal size in La Grange, she grew to a height that is in dispute. Her mother said that the last measurement she took was 8 feet, 4 inches.