October 10, 1700

A French missionary, Father Gravier, noted in his journal, "Discovered the river Mirameguoua, where the rich lead mine is situated, 12 or 13 leagues from its mouth." Today we refer to that river as the Meramec. "Meramec" (Mirameguoua) is an Osage word meaning catfish.

October 9, 1841

Miss Day, a fourteen-year-old girl from St. Louis, became St. Louis's first girl to ascend in a balloon. Mr. S. Hobart took her on a ten-mile trip.

October 8, 1845

The Polyhymnia Society was established in St. Louis and performed its first orchestra concert.

October 7, 1918

On this day all schools, theaters, and public places in St. Louis were closed because of the deadly Spanish Flu.

October 6, 1990

Astronaut, Tom Akers, lifted off on the first of his four space shuttle flights. Akers was born in St. Louis and grew up in Eminence, MO. He graduated from high school in Eminence and from the Missouri Science & Technology University in Rolla. (Bachelors & Masters Degrees)

October 5, 1836

The Medical School at St. Louis University was established on this date.

October 4, 1918

Missouri's first cases of Spanish Flu were reported on this day. This pandemic would eventually kill millions around the globe. In the miserable conditions of World War I more people died from influenza than from wounds.

October 3, 1855

The very first Southeast Missouri District Fair was underway at Cape Girardeau. It has continued annually ever since.

October 2, 1901

Birth of Charles Stark Draper in Windsor, MO. Draper invented the inertial navigation system which controls the flight of aircraft and spacecraft.

October 1, 1963

Birthday of slugger, Mark McGuire.