Library books on shelves in an old library.

September 3, 1897

Sally Benson was born on this date in St. Louis.  She wrote a book that became the basis for Meet Me in St. Louis. She went on to write other screenplays including National Velvet, Bus Stop, and Anna and the King of Siam (The King and I).

Religious image of a sacred statue of Jesus

September 2, 1821

St. Ferdinand's Catholic Church in Florissant was consecrated. St. Ferdinand is the oldest Catholic Church between the Mississippi and the Rockies.

Alexander McNair Missouri's First Governor

August 28, 1820

Missouri's first statewide elections were held. Alexander McNair was elected Governor. Missouri was still one year away from officially becoming a state. Read our story about Missouri's first territorial governors here.

August 26, 1831

Leading St. Louis citizens, Thomas Biddle and Spencer Pettis fought a duel on Bloody Island. They fired at five feet and both were killed.

Old photo of brick Bertha Gifford House

August 25, 1928

Franklin/Jefferson County serial killer, Bertha Gifford, was arrested in Eureka, MO. She is believed to have killed seventeen people of all ages. Known as a wonderful cook and a caring person, neighbors called her the Good Samaritan.