January 7, 1856

The Mississippi River was frozen over and people were walking across. Saloonkeepers were doing a great business in the middle of the river and out of the reach of any law.

January 6, 1912

The wonderful main library on Olive in St. Louis opened on this date.

January 5, 1905

Employees taking down the World's Fair discovered the fine qualities of the snow-covered hill in front of what is now the Art Museum.

January 4, 1932

Frank S. Colburn died on this day in Excelsior Springs. He was known as the famous Uncle Sam character from the WWI recruiting posters.

January 3, 1735

The village of Ste. Genevieve was founded by French trappers and miners. French settlers had been living in the area for three years prior to that.

January 2, 1911

A fire destroyed the Autenrieth Hotel in Clayton. This building housed the Clayton fire department and the fire engine was inside the hotel when it burned.

January 1, 1800

The first German-speaking immigrants came to Missouri. Twenty families crossed the frozen Mississippi River in their wagons and built their homes in what is now a part of Cape Girardeau. A cold time of year to arrive with no homes!

December 31, 1821

Governor McNair signed a bill that designated the site for the City of Jefferson, which was to become the capital city for Missouri.

December 30, 1882

A fireworks factory exploded on the grounds of Sportsman's Park in St. Louis. Neighbors and fans had complained for years that it wasn't good to have an explosives factory next to a stadium.

December 29, 1901

The World's Fair Company awarded a contract to construct a wooden tunnel to take the River Des Peres under the fairgrounds on this date in 1901.