April 26, 1921

The oldest radio station west of the Mississippi began audio broadcasting. This St. Louis University station claims to be the second oldest station in America. It actually began operating in 1912 but only broadcast in Morse code. WEW stands for We Enlighten the World.

Joe Buck

April 25, 1969

Birthday of sportscaster and analyst, Joe Buck from St. Louis.

Cedric the Entertainer

April 24, 1964

Birthday of comedian, Cedric the Entertainer from Jefferson City and Berkeley, MO.

April 23, 1819

On this date the newspaper, Missouri Intelligencer and Boonslick Advertiser became the first to be printed west of St. Louis. This was important because of the town's (Franklin's) place near the head of the Santa Fe Trail.

Steve Fossett

April 22, 1944

Millionaire balloonist and adventurer Steve Fossett was born on this day. In 1968, he received an MBA from the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis, where he was a longtime member of the Board of Trustees.

Missouri Railways

April 21, 1870

The first train from St. Louis reached Springfield. This took sixteen years of construction because of the interruptions due to the Civil War.

U.S. Arsenal Liberty Missouri

April 20, 1861

Southern sympathizers captured the U.S. Arsenal at Liberty, MO. This created more tension at the arsenal at St. Louis and therefore was a contributing factor leading to the St. Louis Massacre.

Old phone being displayed in Missouri Museum

April 19, 1878

On this date telephone service came to St. Louis for the first time. The new phone company had twelve original customers. It also came to Hannibal in 1878. 

April 18, 1880

Known by old timers as "the day that Marshfield blew away," an F-4 tornado struck Marshfield and killed 99. 100 more were injured.

Forest Park

April 16, 1917

Construction began on a permanent theater for the Municipal Opera in Forest Park, St. Louis. It was completed in just 49 days.