August 15, 1904

76 year old Geronimo was roping calves at the World's Fair on this day. He did very well and got a good round of applause from the audience.

August 14, 1919

Hubert "Hub" Schlafly was born in St. Louis. In 1950 he invented the teleprompter to help soap opera actors. It soon became the politician's best friend.

August 13, 1869

The steamboat Cora sank in Bellefontaine Bend near the mouth of the Missouri.

August 12, 1866

Wild Bill Hickok umpired the baseball game between rival teams from Atchison, KS and the Kansas City Antelopes. The Antelopes won 48 to 28. And yes, Wild Bill did wear both six guns while he called balls and strikes so there were no arguments.

August 11, 1872

An astronomer predicted that a comet was coming and would hit St. Louis. Many people panicked and many left town. Young boys added to the problems by standing on street corners and occasionally yelling, "Here she comes!"

August 10, 1932

An 11.2 pound meteorite broke into pieces and hit Cass County, MO.

August 9, 1869

Birthday of Annie Malone, the founder of Poro University, Annie Malone Children's Home, and a cosmetic empire that made her America's first black millionaire. This St. Louis resident helped thousands of black women to earn financial security. Read more about her in Tales From Missouri and the Heartland.

August 8, 1978

Military personnel and others in the Belton area watched a UFO spend 45 minutes in the air above them. Local air bases followed it on radar.

August 7, 1862

Anti-Irish rioting was sweeping through St. Louis. For three days local toughs roamed through Irish neighborhoods to keep the Irish-Americans from voting. Ten people died in those three days.

August 6, 1828

Andrew Taylor Still was born. He invented Osteopathic medicine and started A.T. Still University in Kirksville.