November 28, 1939

It was "Black Tuesday" in St. Louis. A cloud of thick smoke covered downtown. The streetlights had to be turned on and traffic was snarled because motorists couldn't see where they were going.

November 27, 1890

The University of Missouri played its first football game against another school—Washington University in St. Louis.

November 26, 1904

President Teddy Roosevelt was visiting the World's Fair on this day. He met with Geronimo and was entertained by Will Rogers.

November 25, 1863

Governor Fletcher called out the militia to search for Missouri's most notorious outlaw. Samuel Hildebrand and his men had recently plundered Farmington and were known responsible for at least thirty murders. Hildebrand turned bushwhacker after Union vigilantes killed his brother.

November 24, 1868

Reported birthday of the "King of Ragtime," Scott Joplin. When a musician's work is still popular a century after his death, he did it right.

November 23, 1871

The Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy opened in Rolla. It is now the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

November 22, 2006

Mid-Missouri's winter storm of 2006 began and lasted through December 1. The Columbia Regional Airport received over 15 inches of snow.

November 21, 1803

Lewis and Clark were struggling to get upstream. On this day they passed the area of New Madrid going toward Cape Girardeau.

November 20, 1889

Astronomer Edwin Hubble was born today in Marshfield. Hubble discovered that the universe is expanding as well as ways to measure its speed. He discovered that almost every “star” that had been observed was actually a galaxy containing millions of stars. 

November 19, 1904

A fire destroyed the Missouri Building at the World's Fair two weeks before it was to close. Most of the treasures inside were saved. The U.S. Marines rushed in to save the bell that Missourians had bought with their donations for the USS Missouri.