June 3, 1906

Josephine Baker was born on this day in St. Louis. In her time, she was a world famous dancer and jazz and pop singer. She was also a civil rights leader who defected to France, where she became a citizen in 1937.

June 2, 1997

Red Chaney died in Springfield on this day. He was the entrepreneur who invented the drive-through window. For 38 years he operated "Red's Giant Hamburg" on Route 66.

June 1, 1905

A judge ruled that auto license plates in Missouri were valid only for the jurisdiction where they were purchased. Therefore, motorists must purchase a new license for each and every county they passed through. 

May 31, 1995

The Missouri mule was named Missouri's official state animal.

May 30, 1854

The Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed causing slave-holding Missourians to flood into Kansas. This led to the Missouri-Kansas Border War and eventually the Civil War.

May 29, 1974

Five people were killed by lightning in one day in St. Louis County. Four were Freshman girls at JFK High School in Manchester.

May 28, 1819

The first steamboat on the Missouri River arrived at Franklin. Most riverboats could not traverse the Missouri because of the strong current and the extreme number of submerged snags.  

May 27, 1778

The founder of St. Louis, Pierre Laclède, was going downriver to New Orleans on this date when he died.

May 26, 1780

The little town of St. Louis was attacked by 1000 British and their Indian allies. At least 21 settlers were killed. If the British had won, would the Louisiana Purchase have happened? 

May 25, 1955

Kenny Schrader was born in St. Louis. He began his racing career on a go-kart in his yard and then moved up to the dirt track at Pevely. He went on to become one of the top drivers in the nation.