January 13, 1990

Missouri's Route 66 Association was founded.

January 12, 2007

By far the worst ice storm ever to hit Missouri covered the I-44 corridor all the way across the state. Transformers exploded, trees blocked the roads, and all the supplies and services that people took for granted were now in question.

January 11, 1864

In one of his last appearances, John Wilkes Booth performed Shakespeare's "Richard the III" at the St. Louis Theater.

January 10, 1864

Probable birth date of George Washington Carver in Diamond, MO. This scientist probably saved the economy of the south with his concept of crop rotation and the hundreds of new products he developed from legumes.

January 9, 1978

It snowed on this date in eastern Missouri and that started the record 71 straight days with snow on the ground.

January 8, 1881

This was the birthday of Branson resident, John G. Neihardt, the great epic novelist who wrote of life and history on the Missouri River especially the plains Indians.

January 7, 1856

The Mississippi River was frozen over and people were walking across. Saloonkeepers were doing a great business in the middle of the river and out of the reach of any law.

January 6, 1912

The wonderful main library on Olive in St. Louis opened on this date.

January 5, 1905

Employees taking down the World's Fair discovered the fine qualities of the snow-covered hill in front of what is now the Art Museum.

January 4, 1932

Frank S. Colburn died on this day in Excelsior Springs. He was known as the famous Uncle Sam character from the WWI recruiting posters.