June 15, 1859

Henry Shaw opened his botanical garden to the public on this day.

June 14, 1874

A big crowd of onlookers cheered as a "test elephant" was led across Eads Bridge. People believed that elephants could somehow sense whether or not a structure could support its weight. Eventually Eads ran 14 locomotives back and forth across the bridge while inspectors looked for signs of stress.

June 13, 1888

Missouri Valley College was founded at Marshall.

June 12, 1873

The side-wheeler Mary McDonald was tied up at Waverly when she caught fire and was destroyed.

June 11, 1974

Kansas City and St. Louis star, Al Hrabosky, (the Mad Hungarian) turned his back on a batter for the first time this day.

June 10, 1804

Lewis and Clark spent this day walking the prairies of central Missouri. They wrote of being impressed with the combination of good soil, grass, and an abundance of wild fruit near present day New Cambridge.  

June 9, 1910

Birthday of Joplin-born entertainer, Robert "Bob" Cummings.

June 8, 1957

The Missouri Commission on Human Rights was created.

June 7, 1836

The Platte Purchase added St. Joseph and the northwestern corner of Missouri to the original state which had a straight line for its western border. The bill to approve the purchase was introduced by Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton.

June 6, 1918

"Casey" Stengel, named for his home town of K.C. stunned jeering baseball fans on this day by bowing to them and ceremoniously tipping his cap. From under the hat a bird flew out. Casey may have been the first to give the fans the bird.