December 28, 1831

Rev. Isaac McCoy, a Baptist missionary to the Indians, brought his family to western Missouri on this date. His son, John C. McCoy, would first establish Westport, MO and then Kansas City.

December 27, 1869

The composing room at Concordia Publishing House (on the campus of Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis) was put into operation.

December 26, 1707

Father Sebastian Meurin was born on this date. He started the first church in St. Louis and performed Missouri’s first marriage in Ste. Genevieve.

December 25, 2002

12-14 inches of snow fell across southern Missouri on this day.

December 24, 1861

The Gratiot Street Prison in St. Louis received its first Confederate prisoners.

December 23, 1932

Street lights burned all day in St. Louis because the smoke was so bad. The Depression was causing everyone to burn wood and cheap coal.

December 22, 1989

St. Louis was at 16⁄ below zero on this day. Springfield and Columbia were at 20⁄ below.

December 21, 1847

The very first telegraph was sent to St. Louis. It was sent to the Missouri Republican newspaper from Louisville.

December 20, 1812

Sacagawea died at Fort Manuel in South Dakota. As promised, Explorer/Governor William Clark took custody of her son, Jean Baptiste and her infant daughter Lisette and raised them in St. Louis.

December 19, 1973

One of the worst traffic jams in St. Louis history was caused by a blizzard and the last minute Christmas shoppers.