Old time, vintage clothing store

December 17, 1931

C.C. McCallon’s clothing store in West Plains was robbed by Ma Barker’s gang.  It was noted that they took over $2,000 worth of clothing and only the latest fashions.

A blufftop view of the Missouri River.

December 16, 1875

This date in Missouri history: The steamboat Alice Gray exploded her boiler and sank at Rocheport.

Damaged nuclear fallout shelter

December 15, 1951

The mayor of St. Louis approved plans to appoint 5,000 auxiliary police officers to help in the event of nuclear attack.  Their jobs would be to patrol devastated areas.

View of Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park

December 14, 2005

The Taum Sauk Reservoir collapsed sending a fifteen-foot-tall wall of water and mud into the valley below and destroying the Johnson Shut-Ins State Park.

Covered wagon stopped under a sunny, blue sky.

December 13, 1798

This is the birthday of Joseph Rutherford Walker, one of the greatest of all the westward explorers and a Missourian from Independence.

December 12, 1938

Missouri’s “separate but equal” policy was struck down in the U.S. Supreme Court and Lloyd Gaines was admitted to the University of Missouri Law School.

Photo illustration of a hooded bank robber making off with a big bag of cash.

December 11, 1919

Robert Pankey of Eldorado Springs was a model youth. He was said to never swear, smoke, or touch liquor. But, on this day, he held up the Bank of Washburn and took $12,850.

Old school room with crowd of students seated.

December 10, 1932

The St. Louis schools were overcrowded and the school board blamed the depression. They said the kids couldn’t find jobs so they were staying in school.

Basket of red apples

December 9, 1897

The Lebanon Rustic Republican reported that President William McKinley had received a barrel of big red apples from Absalom Nelson of Lebanon.

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

December 7, 1941

George A. Whiteman from Sedalia was shot down as his plane took off from Hawaii. He became the first pilot killed in World War II. Whiteman Air Force Base near Sedalia is named in his honor.