May 30, 1854

The Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed causing slave-holding Missourians to flood into Kansas. This led to the Missouri-Kansas Border War and eventually the Civil War.

May 29, 1871

The notorious St. Charles Bridge opened across the Missouri River. It was the scene of several collapses, train wrecks, and riverboat sinkings.  

May 26, 1926

After a fan's nose was broken by a Jim Bottomley home run, the fan sued. In court, "Sunny Jim" was forced to admit that he "intentionally hit the ball to create a situation known as a home run." He had to pay $3,500.

May 28, 1804

The Lewis & Clark Expedition was continuing upriver on this day. It was fairly uneventful except for passing some canoes and rafts filled with pelts headed for St. Louis.

The James Gang posing with shotguns and rifles

May 27, 1873

The James Gang held up the bank at Ste. Genevieve.

May 25, 1955

Kenny Schrader was born in St. Louis. He began his racing career on a go-kart in his yard and then moved up to the dirt track at Pevely. He went on to become one of the top drivers in the nation.

May 24, 1836

Meriwether Lewis Clark, son of the explorer, designed a new theater for St. Louis and the cornerstone was laid on this day. It was the first in the nation to have individual seats for the patrons. 

May 23, 1874

The Eads Bridge across the Mississippi was opened for pedestrians. This privately funded bridge cost five cents to cross or, for ten cents, you could stay and "promenade in the cool river breezes."

May 22, 1843

The first large wagon train (more than 1,000 people) left Independence for the Oregon Territory.

May 21, 1856

The Missouri State Teachers Association was founded in Columbia. It was one of the nation's first organization for teachers.