September 30, 1942

First day of the World Series between The St. Louis Cardinals and the N.Y. Yankees.

September 29, 1953

The Post-Dispatch reported that General Motors was planning to build a new plastic car in St. Louis. Sure enough, every Corvette in America was built there from 1953 to 1981. 

September 28, 1811

Birthday of John Calvin McCoy. The "Father of Kansas City" went to the area to do missionary work. He built a cabin in the Westport area and did business with the eventual travelers on the Santa Fe Trail and Oregon Trail.

September 27, 1817

The final duel was fought between Thomas Hart Benton and Charles Lucas on Bloody Island. Lucas was hit and said, "Colonel, you have murdered me and I never can forgive you." He died on the spot. Read more about this in Tales From Missouri and the Heartland.

September 26, 1872

The James Gang robbed the box office at the Kansas City Fair right in the middle of a crowd of 10,000 people. The K.C. papers praised the outlaws for how daring they were. 

September 25, 2013

Astronaut Mike Hopkins was launched into space to serve aboard the Soyuz Space Station. Mike was born in Lebanon, MO on December 28, 1968 and he grew up on a farm near Richland, MO.

September 24, 1954

A gasoline price war was underway. A gallon of gas was going for 19.9 cents.

September 23, 1979

Lou Brock stole his 938th base after hitting his three thousandth hit.

September 22, 1806

Because of heavy rains, Lewis and Clark's men choose to stay in St. Charles for this day and set off for St. Louis tomorrow.

September 20, 1866

The first passenger train ran between St. Louis and Kansas City.