March 8, 1927

On this date a huge still was located on an island in St. Charles County. This one had 6000 gallons of fermenting mash. St. Charles County was called the most still-infested in the state.

March 7, 1862

The Battle of Pea Ridge at the Missouri-Arkansas border decimated the power of Confederate forces in Missouri.

March 6, 1866

William F. Cody married Louisa Frederici in St. Louis on this day. The next year Cody left Missouri to hunt buffalo providing meat for workers on the Kansas Pacific Railroad. He claimed to have killed 4,280 buffalo during that 17 month period. He became a showman known as "Buffalo Bill."

March 5, 1974

Streaking was at its height and, on this day, 600 streakers claimed a world record at the University of Missouri.

March 4, 1849

Senator David Rice Atchison was U.S. President for one day. Read more about this in Tales From Missouri and the Heartland.

March 3, 1911

The "Blonde Bombshell" was born in Kansas City. Harlean Harlow Carpenter changed her name to Jean Harlow and became the biggest sex symbol in Hollywood during the 1930s.

March 2, 1781

Birthday of Nathan Boone. The explorer, community leader, and soldier lived at Femme Osage (Defiance) and Ash Grove, Missouri.

February 29, 1817

This was the birthday of James Craig, Civil War General, lawyer, and railroad builder from Oregon, MO.

February 28, 1851

The Missouri School for the Deaf was established in Fulton.

February 27, 1851

"Plank Road Mania" was running wild and the legislature passed bills funding forty nine different road building companies.