Western Engineer

The First Missouri River Steamboat Departs St. Louis: June 21, 1819

The first steamboat to sail on the Missouri River departed port in St. Louis on this date bound for what is now Omaha, Nebraska.

The Dogwood is Named Our State Tree: June 20, 1955

The flowering dogwood was chosen as Missouri's official tree.

Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner is Born in Springfield: June 19, 1954

The "Romancing the Stone" actress was born on this date in 1954.

Lambert Field

Major Albert Lambert Leases an Airfield Northwest of St. Louis: June 18, 1920

Major Albert Lambert, on behalf of the Missouri Aeronautical Society of which he was a member, leased a field northwest of downtown St. Louis on this date in 1920.

Kansas City Massacre

The Kansas City Massacre Takes Place Near Union Station: June 17, 1933

Pretty Boy Floyd and his gang were implicated in killing four policemen and their prisoner in front of the Union Station in Kansas City. This event has come to be known as the Kansas City Massacre.  

General Franz Sigel Arrives in Rolla: June 14, 1861

General Franz Sigel arrived by train in Rolla with his 3rd Missouri Infantry on this date. 

The Sidewheeler Mary McDonald

The Mary McDonald Burns in Saline County: June 12, 1873

The side-wheeler Mary McDonald was tied up at Gilham's Landing when she caught fire and was destroyed.

Susan Blow illustration

“Mother of Kindergarten” Susan Blow is Born in Carondelet: June 7, 1843

Educator Susan Blow, credited with founding the first successful kindergarten program in the US was born on this date in Carondelet.