July 23, 2007

The new Christopher S. Bond Bridge across the Missouri at Hermann was opened to traffic on this day.

July 22, 1925

St. Louis police arrested 179 people in raids on stills and speakeasies. Jennie Buttee of Dagett Street told police she didn't even know there was 5000 gallons of mash in her basement.

July 21, 1865

On the square in Springfield, Will Bill Hickock killed Davis Tutt in what some site as the first true western showdown.

July 20, 1969

Where were you?  Most Missourians were at their TV sets watching Neil Armstrong step out onto the Moon.

July 19, 1820

Missouri's first Constitution was adopted at the temporary capital in St. Louis.

July 18, 1993

The Mississippi River crested at 46.9 feet in St. Louis which was 3.7 feet higher than the previous record. Water flowed past the Gateway Arch at the rate of 7.5 million gallons per second.

July 17, 1845

The bodies of Daniel and Rebecca Boone were moved to Kentucky. (Or were they?) Forensic evidence and personal testimony indicate that the bodies in Kentucky are not the Boones after all.

July 16, 1911

Sweetheart song and dance woman Ginger Rogers was born. The beauty from Independence and Kansas City was famous for her duet-dances with longtime dance partner Fred Astaire. Read her biography here.

July 13, 1852

Birthday of George "Grin" Bradley. On July 15, 1876 he threw the first no-hit, no run game in major league history.

July 10, 1839

Birthday of A-B Founder, Adolphus Busch.