January 4, 1819

Henry Schoolcraft was exploring the Ozarks and this day was camped at the location of present day Springfield. His glowing description attracted many early settlers to the area.

January 3, 1851

The exact northern border of Missouri was established thus ending the dispute which had led to the Honey War in 1839.

December 28, 1874

The town of Fenton was incorporated. Its petition for incorporation claimed, "35 legal voters, 40 to 50 women, and about 90 children, with fair prospects for an increase in the latter."

December 20, 1812

Sacagawea died at Fort Manuel in South Dakota. As promised, Explorer/Governor William Clark took custody of her son, Jean Baptiste and her infant daughter Lisette and raised them in St. Louis.

December 18, 1963

Brad Pitt was born in Oklahoma. However, soon after his birth, his family moved to Springfield. He attended Kickapoo High School and went on to study journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

December 19, 1864

The Pacific Railroad reached Kansas City from St. Louis on this date. Even before this date Kansas City was already a thriving railroad terminus.

December 17, 1875

The largest and most lavish steamer ever to sail on an inland waterway was launched on this day. The Grand Republic was built at Carondelet. It later burned while undergoing repairs there.

December 14, 1911

Today in Missouri history, it was reported that the rabbit market had been ruined by warm weather. They were selling for only two cents each in south Missouri.

December 13, 1925

Birthday of singer-dancer-funnyman, Dick Van Dyke from West Plains, MO.

December 12, 1944

Black aviator, Wendell Pruitt, was honored in his home town of St. Louis on this day. He won the Distinguished Flying Cross for shooting down three German planes, destroying 70 on the ground and helping to sink a German destroyer.