August 24, 1833

Columbia took its first step toward becoming College Town USA on this date. The very innovative Columbia Female Academy was founded.

August 23, 1880

This the birthday of Jesse Clyde Nichols, the visionary developer who created Kansas City's beautiful Country Club Plaza.

August 22, 1876

On this date St. Louis City and County separated and became politically independent from each other.

August 21, 1904

Birthday of Kansas City's jazz great, William "Count" Basie.

August 20, 1927

Plans were announced on this day for a lavish new theater in St. Louis. The Fox Theatre would be the second largest in the world.

August 19, 1877

Several noted scientists expressed interest in recent reports of a "sea serpent" sighted in the Mississippi River at eastern Missouri. It was described as 30-feet-long with dark scales, a head like a dog, and a mouth like a pelican.

April 18, 1960

R. Buckminster Fuller designed something he called a geodesic dome and placed one in the Missouri Botanical Garden. Calling this one a "Climatron" he explained that it would last for a while but was not a permanent structure. It has been there now for over 50 years and seems able to stand for many more.

August 17, 1904

George Eyser had a good day at the Olympic Games in St. Louis. He won gold in the parallel bars and rope climb and tied for gold in the vault. He won silver on the pommel horse and the all-around. He took the bronze medal on the horizontal bars.

August 16, 1817

The first duel between lawyers Thomas Hart Benton and Charles Lucas was fought on Bloody Island near St. Louis. At 30 paces both men were wounded.

August 15, 1904

76 year old Geronimo was roping calves at the World's Fair on this day. He did very well and got a good round of applause from the audience.