When you head to a camping destination featured in “Top Camping Destinations” (page 60), what food will you take? Camp cooking doesn’t have to be on a grill—or even in a pan on top of the fire. These recipes by Chef Liz Hu— can be prepared ahead and cooked right in the coals of your campfire, or your backyard fire pit, in foil packets. After you prepare the packets, pack them in ice in a cooler and pop them on the coals when you’re ready. Start your fire at least 30 to 45 minutes before you’re ready to cook so that the fire has burned down and the coals are hot and glowing. Liz has owned and operated Catalpa restaurant in Arrow Rock since 2011. A native Missourian, she attended culinary school in Vermont and worked in the Northeast for several years before returning to the Show-Me State. Although her recent outdoor cooking has been limited to her backyard, Liz says developing these recipes has inspired her to get out and camp. She encourages experimental cooks to adjust the recipes to their tastes.

Recipes by Liz Huff
Photos by Evan Henningsen
Top photo by Tim Wright

1. Layer two sheets of 18-by-12-inch heavy-duty foil with shiny sides facing up.

2. With the 12-inch side of the foil facing you, fold the stacked foil sheets in half.

3. Make seams at the sides of the packet by folding each side inward. Fold over twice, using a ½-inch fold. The top of the packet will remain open for filling with food.

4. Spray the inside with cooking spray, then fill with food. After filling a packet, close it by creating a seam at the opening. Continue to fold the opening downward in ½-inch folds until you reach the level of the food filling in the packet.

5. Label your packets with a permanent marker.

6. After filling and labeling your packets, pack them for the trip in sealable plastic bags and a cooler with ice.