A Candy Land Christmas is the theme of this holiday parade, and what an appealing theme! Visions of Peppermint Forest, Licorice Lagoon, and the Lollipop Palace from the popular children’s board game popped into your head, didn’t they? This parade will be fun, and we’re betting you’ll see Mally Mallow, Twirly Girl, Cutie Cone, or giggly Gumdrop.

Photo Courtesy Bridget Gudgell, Chillicothe Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Candy Land Christmas parade will begin at 10 a.m. tomorrow, Saturday, November 19th, in downtown Chillicothe, Mo. Five marching bands, about 75 entries, several equestrian groups, and more will be in the parade. One of the bands will be The Rumble, the official drum line of the Kansas City Chiefs. The mayor will lead the parade in a 1929 Ford Model AA antique fire truck, and Santa concludes the parade, riding in a bucket on the town’s newest, biggest fire truck. No word on whether King Kandy will leave his castle.

Crystal Narr, executive director of the Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce says, “I always look forward to how all the businesses and floats will interpret the new theme each year; it’s always fun and surprising.”

This is the 76th year Chillicothe has had this holiday parade, and it will run from Washington & Polk south to Third Street and then east to Locust, where it turns north and finishes at Locust and Polk.

You can make a day of it in Chillicothe after the parade by visiting all three Holiday Bazaars, one at the Bishop Hogan parochial school, one at the Elks Lodge, and the other at an event center called “The Venue.” The bazaars run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Festival of Lights at Simpson Park in Chillicothe will also open that evening, at 5:30 p.m., Saturday, November 19th. It’s a free, drive-through display of holiday lights and decorations. Simpson Park is on Highway 65 North at Chillicothe. The festival will also have a walk-through portion.