Memory Boosters

“Musings On Life” Columnist Ron Marr looks to stave off the mental decline of advancing age by following the advice he found in a magazine. What challenges lie ahead as he looks…

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The Right to Arm Bears

An accidental word scramble sends our columnist, Ron Marr, on a search through Missouri’s laws about bear wrestling. And that conjures up a childhood memory about Cletus, Cleo,…

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A Love Story That Almost Got Skunked

Columnist Ron Marr takes you along for his daily walk with his love-struck dog Cooper and the neighbor pup, the irresistible Sookie. But trouble lurks for the pair. Will Cooper…

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What Makes a Teacher Unqualified?

Our columnist notes that 3,000 teaching positions were left vacant or filled by someone not qualified. He takes a humorous look back to his own school days and wonders what makes…

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Chasing the Ghosts of April

It seems I always hear the wild geese in April.

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