Buy Missouri

This state program is in the business of local businesses.

Supporting local businesses is one of the priorities of the lieutenant governor’s office, and much of this support comes through the Buy Missouri program. The program promotes products that are at least 51% Missouri-made, encouraging both Missourians and non-Missourians to learn about and buy products made in the Show-Me State. As it reaches the end of its fifth anniversary year, Buy Missouri has more than 500 participants across the state that make everything from farm equipment to artisanal candy.

Governor Mike Parson began the initiative in 2017, during his time as lieutenant governor. As Parson traveled and met with Missourians, he was often surprised by the many products made right here in the state. In order to promote Missouri’s businesses and products, he created the Buy Missouri program. Kehoe, who had worked on similar initiatives while serving as a state senator, has continued the program since entering office in 2018.

Check out these Buy MO Products!

Backyard Vine and Wine

Come take a stroll through the hidden gem of NW Missouri. Offering a selection of wines for you to enjoy.

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Hammons Products
Hammons Products

The bold, robust flavor of wild, local Black Walnuts has been a staple in American kitchens for years. Different from regular “walnuts,” this unique nut adds a rich taste and texture to traditional baked goods, savory sides, and one-of-a-kind entrées.

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Mesta yarn
Mesta Meadows

Mesta Meadows has lamb, pork, beef, raw sheep’s milk, cheese, and ice cream. We also have Rambouillet wool and yarn products. Visit The Mason Jar Farm Store and take a farm tour.

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River Hills Elderberry Juice
River Hills Harvest

River Hills Harvest premium elderberry products are made from American Elderberries, known as Sambucus Canadensis.  We purchase our berries directly from American farmers and our company is farmer owned.  Our elderberry juice is pure, the only thing added is citric acid.  No added water, sugar, no GMOs and it’s vegan!  You can find our products in local stores across the US or on our website.

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Stone Hollow Studio Ornament
Stone Hollow Studio

Stone Hollow Studio, LLC offers delicate hand-etched scrimshaw from the hands of Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky. Order online from an amazing selection or commission that extra-special piece. 

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