This popular barbecue joint in Sedalia, operated by four generations of a family, has great side dishes too. Try this recipe with green tomatoes that don’t ripen before frost or find them at a farmers market.

Photo courtesy of the family at Kehde’s Barbecue

Kehde’s barbecue in Sedalia, Mo., has had plenty of time to hone their BBQ skills as well as all their side-dish recipes. First generation Ed Kehde opened a Dog N’ Suds in 1955, and then went into BBQ on his own with his son, John, the second generation. Roger, the third generation, and Lakin, the fourth generation, shared the passion. Perhaps the fifth generation will share the passion, as well.

Here, they share their recipe for the green tomatoes from your garden that don’t ripen, or you can likely find them at your favorite farmers market. 

Try them as a side dish or make a fried green tomato sandwich by adding lettuce. Either way, you will get that burst of tomato flavor in each bite with a crispy, light batter for crunch.


Photo courtesy of Kehde’s Barbecue

Beer-Battered Fried Green Tomatoes

Courtesy of Kehde’s Barbeque and Catering, Sedalia


Cooking oil
4 green tomatoes
1 can of beer
2 cups store-bought onion ring batter
Roasted garlic and herb seasoning
Parmesan cheese
Ranch dressing


Heat oil to 350 degrees in a fryer or pan. Cut tomatoes into 3/8-inch slices. Pour beer into a bowl, and place dry batter on a plate. Dip tomatoes into beer then into the dry batter. Drop into the oil. Fry tomatoes on medium to high heat until golden brown. Drain on a paper towel.

Arrange tomatoes on a serving dish, and sprinkle with roasted garlic and herb seasoning and Parmesan. Serve hot with a ranch dressing of your choice. Serves 6-8.