On this day in 2005 “The Office” debuts on NBC with Missourians in starring roles. Jenna Fischer, a Nerinx Hall and Truman State University grad, played Pam Beesly, while Phyllis Smith, a graduate of Cleveland High, played Phyllis Vance. Ellie Kemper of John Burroughs also worked on the show’s production team.

The quirky and enduring characters of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company – a paper and office supplies wholesale company – captured the interest and hearts of America. 

Once the show ended, many of its stars went on to achieve even greater renown and success, in acting and also directing roles, like John Krasinski. 

Based upon content from the book Missouri 365: This Day in Missouri History by John W. Brown, broadcaster and Missouri historian. Get your copy at Reedy Press.

Image from Unsplash