Listen to the Second Episode of Mo' Curious by Missouri Life!

Missouri Life is now available wherever you listen to podcasts! Our first-ever podcast produced in partnership with Trevor Harris and The Recollection Agency, is streaming on most podcast platforms. Mo’ Curious is a podcast the explores the past, present and future of the 24th state. It is created and hosted by Trevor Harris and proudly presented by Missouri Life. Learn more about Trevor and his business, The Recollection Agency, here.

In each episode of Mo’ Curious, host Trevor Harris goes deep into a particular thread of Missouri’s story, examining its impact in historical terms but also looking at the way it shapes the state today, and how it could play a role in our future. From utopian communes to Missourians who work on I-70, Mo’ Curious dares to discover, taking the listener on a journey into the very fiber of our state.

Here comes part one in our exploration of communes in Missouri! We look at utopian communities from the nineteenth century as well as our more recent pass, talking with experts who have studied them as well as the radical individuals who have lived in and shaped Show-Me State communal living projects.

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