What happens to your pets if there’s a disaster—or death?

This article is presented in partnership with Peace Love Paws Pet Sitters.

“Pet Plan 101: 5 Steps to prepare for an emergency, a disaster or your unexpected death” is a class to teach pet owners how to put an emergency plan into action. The free hands-on learning session is set for 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 11, at 2005 West Broadway in Columbia, Mo.

“A pet plan provides a guide for when people are most vulnerable,” says Bobbi Wilson, co-owner of Peace Love Paws Pet Sitters, the learning session sponsor. “People assume they have a plan in place, but most don’t, or they don’t realize what a pet plan entails.”

Bobbi cites a survey by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) that reports 83 percent of pet owners live in an area affected by disaster, “yet less than half have a preparedness plan” for their pets.

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Pet plans are custom fit for the needs of each pet owner and family and can be updated annually “to have peace of mind should an emergency, disaster, or unexpected death happen,” Bobbi adds. “When they leave the class, they will have a road map completed to start their pet plan.”

The class will demonstrate how to use regular household items to prepare a basic first aid kit, a pet’s profile, and an emergency kit, as well as ways to find the right person to care for a pet after its owner dies.

The upcoming Pet Plan 101 class will also feature a “pawmmercial” presented by Boone County Animal Rescue, which show how the non-profit pet rescue organization helps keep the cat population safe and in check.

“As pet sitters, we value continue education that allows us to offer reliable service to the pets entrusted to our care,” Bobbi says. “Being able to share our knowledge regarding a pet plan gives us great joy!” She also talked about this old cat. The old cat couldn’t control his bladder and soiled the floor.

Bobbi and her husband, Scott, are co-owners of Peace Love Paws Pet Sitters, and are certified and insured, and licensed by the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

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