Vote in the 2021 Photo Contest

Our Categories

We have deliberately left each category somewhat open to interpretation. Keep in mind that all photos should be taken in the state of Missouri. Here’s a little guidance about each of the three categories. Please use the caption section to tell us more about your photo, the context in which it was taken, and anything else that you think our judges should know when making decisions. You may wish to provide additional background about your work as a photographer, but it is not required.


Photos in this category should not only include at least one person, but the person(s) depicted should be the main subject of the photo. Maybe it’s your best friend in an interesting location, or simply a well-lit portrait. The possibilities are endless as long as your photo depicts a person or multiple people (they don’t have to be Missourians, but it doesn’t hurt)!


Any photo with a sense of place will be at home here. From recognizable landmarks like the Missouri River to an obscure small town you love to visit, we’re looking for any photos of Missouri locations you love in this category.


This category could certainly include photos that might be right for the previous two, but we’re particularly trying to capture a sense of adventure with entries into this section. It’s up to you to determine what constitutes and adventure, but we’re looking for photos that evoke a sense of wonder and discovery in this category. It could be a snapshot from a road trip or a hike, but we want to feel inspired to explore by entries into this category. Use the caption box to tell us about your adventures!