TGIF! How about this easy-to-assemble raspberry chocolate sorbet with vanilla cookie and pistachio mousse for dessert? Put it in a martini glass for an elegant element that says “let’s celebrate the weekend.”

A former food writer, Karen Stoeckley, found this recipe several years ago during a visit to the Chase Park Plaza Royal Sonesta Hotel, where the philosophy is “food is art.” She simplified it for us. Karen knows a good dessert when she sees—and tastes—it! She studied the culinary arts in Italy, France, Japan, and America. Karen had a food column for many years in Missouri Life, and now she is famous for writing two books, A Culinary Legacy from Escoffier to Today and Fabulous Fruits: Recipes for Every Season.

Photo Credit: Curt Dennison

Raspberry Chocolate Sorbet with Vanilla Tuile and Pistachio Mousse

This is a simplified version of the Chase Park Plaza’s recipe.

9 ounces (divided) of fine semisweet (75 percent or higher cocoa) chocolate bar
1 quart purchased raspberry sorbet
pistachio pudding mix
heavy whipping cream
1 teaspoon vanilla
vanilla tuile cookies
raspberries, fresh

Melt 6 ounces of chocolate in a double boiler until smooth. Soften sorbet about 1 hour at room temperature. Do not soften in the microwave or oven.

In a large bowl, gently blend the chocolate into the sorbet until just blended with stripes of both the sorbet and the chocolate showing. Place in freezer for 4 hours or overnight.

Make the pistachio pudding mix according to box directions using heavy whipping cream instead of milk plus 1 teaspoon vanilla. Refrigerate 1 hour then whip with a mixer until fluffy.

Melt remaining chocolate until very smooth. Place about 2 teaspoons chocolate in the bottom of a martini glass or preferred serving dish. Tip the glass to all sides to form “petals” in the bottom half of the glass or to coat the bottom and sides of other serving dishes (other serving dishes might need more than 2 teaspoons). Chill well.

Spoon 1 heaping tablespoon of the pudding into the glass. Chill 1 hour.

Place 1 large scoop of the sorbet on the pudding just before serving. Garnish with tuile cookies and fresh raspberries.

Serves 4