Three guesthouse options join vineyard and dining experiences.

Even long-time residents and frequent visitors to Les Bourgeois Vineyards properties sometimes refer to The Bistro, The A-Frame Winegarden, and the winery as one or the other, though the three have always been under the Les Bourgeois entity. The winery team has put the identity questions to rest with a new name: The Blufftop at Rocheport.

The Blufftop team has worked for a few years now to put the winery, distillery, bistro, restaurant, and lodging experience all under one umbrella: The Blufftop at Rocheport. Whether the latest addition is a brand expansion or a rebranding, one thing’s for certain: there’s now even more to experience with with three lodging and event rental options that make Les Bourgeois—that is, The Blufftop at Rocheport—an even more enticing destination. 

“The name ‘Les Bourgeois Vineyards’ didn’t communicate everything we have to offer,” says Crista Holtzclaw, marketing director. “We have a lot of customers who don’t know how all the pieces work together. It is so exciting to get it out there.”

She calls The Blufftop “a family of experiences and brands.” The new lodging guesthouse options are Founder’s Point, nestled between the A-Frame Winegarden and The Bistro at 14020 W. Highway BB just outside Rocheport; and The 1912 and Trailside Suites, both in Rocheport.

The business is still headquartered at Les Bourgeois Vineyards at 12847 W. Highway BB, just off I-70 about 12 miles west of Columbia. Les Bourgeois offers The Tasting Room, the vineyards, Blufftop Cellars, and Rocheport Distilling Co., along with winery tours and shopping for wine and gifts.

Founder’s Point has always been part of the winery’s property—it’s the home of the Les Bourgeois Vineyards’ founders—but it was not open to the public. The stately home features blufftop views, a stone fireplace, and unique architecture.

The winery owners purchased the other two lodging and event sites: The 1912, a historic guesthouse located in downtown Rocheport (with an outdoor salt water pool, modern amenities, and an expansive outdoor recreation area) and Trailside Suites, located next to the iconic Katy Trail in downtown Rocheport.

The screened sitting area at Founder’s Point.

Founders Point overlooks the Missouri River and has four bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, and capacity for eight guests. 

The 1912 features a chef’s kitchen, large dining areas, four bedrooms (eight total beds), four-and-a-half bathrooms, and capacity for 15 guests.

Trailside Suites also features four king suites, spacious living areas, fire pit and patio, four bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, and capacity for eight guests. 

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Jacob Holman, Blufftop co-owner and head winemaker, said the myriad features and locations of each guesthouse are best experienced in person.

“They’re all pretty unique,” he says.

Drew Lemberger, owner of Mount Nebo Inn and a member of The Blufftop team, said restoration of The 1912 took almost three years. He added that almost all of the work was locally sourced in labor and material.

Trailside Suites is “the most modern of the three” guesthouse options, says Tim Saylor, director of sales for The Blufftop.

“There’s plenty of space for large groups to just hang out, enjoy the property,” he says, adding that any of the guesthouses are ideal for wedding parties to get ready for their big day.