It’s monstrously freaky!

Get a super-freak on by visiting this monster of a haunted attraction out in the middle of nowhere. This is the terrifying 13th year of fear for this creepy carnival.


Photo credit Chris Jacobsen


Take a terrifying trip to the unlucky 13th (really!) deadliest show on earth, the Freaks Fair at Warrensburg on October 28, 29 and 31st. There will be screams, but the Freaks Fair is kid-friendly, too. There will be games for the kids and adults, and food vendors, too.

Things to know before you:

  • On Friday the 28th, at 7:30, kids can participate in a pumpkin painting contest, with the winner chosen at 8:05. Kids can take the pumpkin home, too. A medal will be given to the winner of each age group: 5 and under, 6–10, and 11–16.
  • On Saturday the 29th, a costume contest will begin at 7:30, with an entry fee of $1, with the same age groups as the pumpkin painting.
  • The Freaks Fair opens at 7 pm, and tickets are $13 per person, or $23 per person if you want a speed pass that allows you to cut to the front of the line into the Freaks Fair.
  • Pay at the entrance with cash or credit card, no checks please, and no refunds after paying.
  • The Freaks can be found at 126 SW 400th Road, right next to the Twin Oaks Event Center in Warrensburg. Inside the event center, there will be a family fun carnival.
  • You can park in front of the event center.
  • There will be heated restrooms. (That’s a little freaky!)
  • The Freaks Fair uses strobe lights and fog, and it’s both indoor and outdoor on some uneven terrain, so choose your footwear and coats with care. The haunted attraction is not handicap accessible at this time.

The freaks are dying to see you!


Photo credit Chris Jacobsen