This article is presented in partnership with Missouri Wine & Grape Board.

Get Rewarded for Your Wine Country Adventures

Serene settings, award-winning wines, and unbeatable sipping experiences. With that combination, you’d think Missouri wine country couldn’t get any better. Think again.

What if you could be rewarded for your exploration of Missouri’s more than 125 wineries and receive access to exclusive, members-only experiences and sweepstakes? It’s possible when you’re a member of the Missouri Winery Visitors Program. 

The Missouri Winery Visitors Program (MVP) is a one-of-a-kind loyalty program that rewards members for visiting wine country. MVP was designed to serve as a tourism initiative to support Missouri wineries, and its goal is simple: MVP encourages members to visit new areas in Missouri wine country and explore all that the state’s wine industry has to offer. 

After registering, participating in MVP is as easy as visiting a new Missouri winery or frequenting one of your favorite spots. Before you leave, make sure to ask for an MVP ticket. The ticket will have a unique code that can be entered into the MVP website. Once the code has been entered, points are added to your account and can be redeemed for rewards of your choosing.

With all this talk of exciting rewards and experiences, you may be wondering what you could earn in exchange for your Missouri wine country excursions. Current rewards include wine accessories, glassware, branded merchandise, and certificates for select tastings experiences; reward offerings are continually updated with the latest wine-related items. For the ultimate Missouri wine enthusiasts, the Cellar Master Celebration offers a night of gourmet food, delectable wine, and even better company in picturesque wine country. MVP members who earn 50,000 points during their Missouri wine adventures can redeem them for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There are more than 100 wineries across the state that participate in MVP. To find one near you, check out the latest edition of the Missouri Winery Guide and look for the wine glass icon that denotes MVP participating wineries.

It takes mere minutes to sign up for MVP. Once registered, you’re ready to hit the ground running and start building up points. Ready to start your MVP adventure? Visit for more information.