Make a drive to this special bridge with Christmas lights one of your holiday traditions. It’s on Route 66 and framed by ancient bluffs that are natural wonders in Missouri. Bonus: You can see Ozark land forms best during winter.

Photo Courtesy of Pulaski County

The iconic Devils Elbow Bridge on historic Route 66 is all decked out for Christmas. The bridge will be lit daily from dusk until dawn, until New Year’s Day, so it could be a nice after-Christmas drive as well. The bridge is less than three miles east of Uranus Fudge Factory & General Store, another landmark on historic Route 66.

Construction on the bridge began in 1923, and it was rehabbed in 2013. The bridge will attain Centennial status next year, and it’s the centerpiece of the Devils Elbow Historic District, which was designated by the National Park Service in 2017.

Lighting up the bridge has been a tradition since 2014, and the tradition continues under the direction of the Devils Elbow Heritage Foundation.

You can read more about Devils Elbow and how the community was affected and changed after the dramatic flooding of the Big Piney River in 2017 here.

Where is this bridge?