Places to Visit When Touring Missouri

Heading to Missouri? Looking for places to visit when touring Missouri? This often-overlooked state has a lot to offer no matter what time of year you visit. Missouri is the place where indoor activities and outdoor activities are sure to impress whether you are horseback riding in the Ozark Mountains, swimming or boating along the national Scenic riverways, or just heading to a lively Metropolis like St Louis.

Lake of the Ozarks

Lake of the Ozarks it’s one of the most popular Resort destinations in the entire Midwest. The river and the man-made reservoir were created in 1931 and produced 1800 km of shoreline which is actually more than the state of California has. You will find a range of state parks, golf courses, water parks, and of course countless opportunities for boating, water sports, fishing, and hiking.

Mark Twain National Forest

The Mark Twain National Forest is great for outdoor enthusiasts. It spans across the southeast part of the state with a variety of Scenic rivers and pristine Forests. It is very popular for swimming, canoeing, fishing, cycling, and Hiking. One of the most scenic areas is the Eleven Point National Scenic River and the Glade Top Trail National Scenic byway.


On a road trip, Springfield is a great place to make a quick stop because it has the Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield as well as the Discovery Center. It is considered the birthplace of Route 66 with numerous antique malls and vintage car museums as well as thematic diners and historic looking motels. Nearby Ozarks give you a chance to go cycling or hiking in the midst of your fun adventuring. 

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Important Tips For Your Missouri Road Trip

When on your road trip don’t forget these important tips: 

  • Have emergency contacts saved in your car. Don’t just have them saved on your cell phone. It is rare to find a cell phone that is unlocked with no password and as such, having all of your emergency contacts or your Healthcare information saved on your phone won’t do a Good Samaritan any good if they find you near your car or while you are out and about on your Missouri road trip. If you have some sort of contact information, laminated if possible, in your car, anyone looking for emergency contacts will be able to use that when they look in the glove compartment or the center console for identification. And don’t think that this is something you only have to bring on your Missouri road trip. You could keep this laminated copy and so long as the information stays current, bring it with you on any road trip.

  • Have a first aid kit. What you pack in a first aid kit might include that emergency contact paper or a list of your allergies, medications you are currently on, or physician. This can make it easy for family or friends, even a stranger to render moderate aid if something goes wrong. Be sure to curate the contents of your first aid kit to things you would need based on what you plan to visit in Missouri. If you are going to an area with a high risk of ticks, be sure to include small plastic bags and tick tweezers. If you’re going to an area with a large number of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne illnesses, effective bug spray will be a key ingredient.

  • Don’t forget to pack food and water. You can consider these part of your first aid kit but they should be in a separate bag so that you can easily reach for a quick sugary pick me up or some protein-packed nuts while you are driving. Water can also help you in the event that your car overheats, something particularly important if you are driving around a lot in the Missouri sun.

  • In addition to having laminated notes for your emergency contacts, as there are going to be times when a simple infusion of water to your radiator won’t be enough. When you are unable to fix the car problems you have on your road trip to Missouri, it’s important for you to know you have roadside assistance if you break down or have someone who can do a key replacement when you lost yours in the wild. Knowing who you are going to contact ahead of time can make things much easier when it comes time to pick up the phone. Everyone loses their keys but losing keys on a road trip can be particularly devastating so be sure you have contacts handy.