This article is presented in partnership with Burgers’ Smokehouse.

This time of year, families gather to celebrate cherished holidays. For the Burger family at Burgers’ Smokehouse, four generations have found a place at the dinner table of families across Missouri and the country. They cure hams much the same way E.M. Burger did when he started curing hams in 1927. Since then, the company has expanded beyond ham to include other proteins, cheeses and desserts. Here are ten gift ideas to bring a great meal to the tables of your friends and family this holiday season.

1. The Ultimate Bacon Sampler is a good choice for the bacon lover on your list. The sampler features six varieties of bacon at a pound each. The dry-cured, country bacon is aged for flavor and slow-smoked over natural wood chips, and the city bacon is brined for flavor and lightly smoked. Each flavor of bacon in the sampler has a unique twist.

2. For the person responsible for creating the holiday feast, the Holiday Feast Combo will take the stress out of preparing the roast beast. This combo features spiral-sliced city ham with homemade honey ham glaze and smoked turkey. The sweet city cured honey ham is moist-cured with a special recipe sweet brine solution. Both meats are fully cooked, just heat and serve.

3. Surprise clients and co-workers with the Sausage and Cheese Box. This box is packed with Burgers’ customer favorite beef and Ozark summer sausages as well as their gourmet Colby, and cheddar cheeses. All your clients and co-workers need do is add some gourmet crackers and this treat box becomes a mini feast.

4. Treat the smokemaster to a day off from the grill with the Rib Connoisseurs Sampler. This sampler contains the Burgers’ Smokemaster’s favorite assortment of five half slabs of tender and juicy pork ribs, all seasoned and dry-cured with high-quality ingredients, aged, slow-smoked and fully cooked. This pack includes: sauced baby back ribs, dry-rubbed baby back ribs, sauced St. Louis-cut ribs, dry-rubbed St. Louis-cut ribs, and sweet Hawaiian ribs.

5. The official smokehouse of Mizzou Athletics, Burgers’ has a gift for the Missouri Tiger fan on your list. The Sports Fanatics Gift features summer sausage, gourmet pecan smoked bacon and barbecue pulled pork with sauce. The whole package comes wrapped with the Mizzou Tiger logo to help your Tiger fan cheer on his or her team.

6. Spoil the host of your holiday meal with the Spiral Smoked Ham Meal. This meal has all the main dishes needed to put on a mouthwatering spread: spiral sliced city ham, country green beans, potatoes and ham au gratin, and apple pie. It will taste like they spent the whole day in the kitchen, but this meal can be heated and cooked in under an hour.

7. If you have someone on your list that needs a little personalization, Build a Box just for them. Most of the Burgers’ Smokehouse products are available for inclusion in custom-made boxes for anyone on the list.

8. The Filet Mignon Steak Box checks off the steak aficionado on your holiday list. Hand cut from the beef tenderloin, these steaks are then aged and packaged individually for convenience, which makes them easy to enjoy any day of the week. Complimentary steak seasoning is always included.

9. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so they say, and the Smokehouse Breakfast will start the morning off right for the early riser on your list. This sampler includes dry-cured, hickory-smoked bacon; sliced country ham steaks; buttermilk biscuit mix; and pancake and waffle mix.

10. If uncertainty remains, a food gift certificate from Burgers’ Smokehouse allows your friend, family, or customer to select the items they desire. These e-cards are emailed directly to the recipient and provide an easy way to wrap up the holiday gift-giving list.