May 1, 1958

On this date in history, the KATY train that ran across the state of Missouri made its final trips. The cars were packed with passengers who wanted to be among the final riders on the legendary rail line.

April 30, 1926

A meeting is held in Springfield to resolve a dispute over the numbering of the new highway being built through the city. After a compromise, the historic telegram is sent to Washington, D.C., with the new name: Route 66.

Charles Lindbergh Spirit of St. Louis

April 29, 1927

The Spirit of St. Louis is completed, and Charles Lindbergh takes it for a test flight. Although this flight happened in San Diego, there was significant attention paid to this flight in Missouri. The revolutionary monoplane that was destined to make the first transatlantic flight had been paid for mostly by families from St. Louis.

Glamping the day (and night) away

Glamorous camping—"glamping"—seemed to be right up my alley and in a way, it was how I could get the best of both worlds by enjoying the outdoors and nature, while also having the same luxuries offered at home.