Book Review: A Common Person and Other Stories

R. M. Kinder’s new collection of short stories illuminates the significance of everyday life.

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Abandoned Kansas City

A Kansas City photographer’s new book lends new life to abandoned locales.

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Made in MO: Bare Knuckle Roasting

Bare Knuckle Roasting is fighting for excellence.

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Digging for Truth

Archaeological findings shape our understanding of the past.

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September Book Reviews

A new guide featuring species native to the Midwest makes an essential addition to the gardener’s library.

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O America: Discovery in a New Land

William Least Heat-Moon’s new novel explores the American interior in every sense of the word.

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The Hyperloop in Missouri

Could a hyperloop change our transit landscape?

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Book Review: Steamboat Disasters of the Lower Missouri River

A new book details the grim challenges of steamboat navigation along the lower Missouri River.

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Book Review: Great River City

A new coffee table book looks beneath the surface of St. Louis’s river history

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