Simply Sweet: Missouri’s surprising cinnamon roll heritage

A good cinnamon roll is not only evocative of the globe; it’s rooted in a spice that has traveled the world and delighted bakery customers for centuries.

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November 16, 1820

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Relics: Stars and Stripes Museum and Library

Since the first Stars and Stripes was printed in Bloomfield in 1861, the Department of Defense designated Bloomfield as the birthplace of the Stars and Stripes newspaper. The…

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Hope from Soap

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October 30, 1895

Sixteen children from the Orphan Train found new families in Nodaway County on this day.

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WINE DOG: Take pride in Missouri’s wine

Regional pride is real; I share it. I take perverse pleasure in correcting people who assume that I live in some coastal wine mecca. I often mention my experiences when I give…

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October 15, 1969

Protests against the Vietnam War erupt at college campuses across the nation – including at the University of Missouri-Columbia – during Moratorium Day.

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Dia de los Muertos: It’s not ‘Mexican Halloween’

Dia de los Muertos, a traditional Mexican holiday typically celebrated November 2, is the day souls of the dead, as the tradition goes, return to visit their living family…

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October 9, 1944

The St. Louis Cardinals win the Streetcar Series against the St. Louis Browns.

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