5 Fiber Farms Across Missouri You Can Visit

Processing sheep and alpaca fiber is process that starts with shearing the animals. From there, the fiber is sorted out by quality, and fiber farmers make the choice to process…

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Missouri Life wishes you Merry Christmas

We all wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season. During this time of joyous celebration, thankfulness, and reflection, we are grateful to you, for being a member of our…

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7 Over 70: The Artists

In our January/February issue, we introduce our readers to seven over-70 Missourians who are healthy, happy, and living well. Two of those individuals are artists who agreed to…

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Sheep & Alpaca Farm Tour Photos

Editor-in-Chief Sandy Selby toured alpaca and sheep farms around Missouri for her story on fiber farms for the January/February 2023 issue. Enjoy these photos of the animals she…

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Missouri Military Comfort Dogs inspires Worldwide Effort

We introduced you to some civilian comfort dogs previously. Now, meet their military counterparts. Missouri’s USO Comfort Dog Program has inspired nationwide attention.

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Compassionate Comfort Dogs

A teenager who had been playing outside with a neighbor when a tornado hit and took her friend hadn’t spoken a word since. Jessy is a comfort dog, and she was there to help.

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Timothy Haygood Looks Back on 30 Years

The Haygoods are one of the most popular shows in Branson, Mo. Timothy Haygood was only five years old when he began violin lessons, and he looks back at 30 years in the…

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Chillicothe shop woos quilters and fabric artists

As the owner of The Salty Hippo in Chillicothe, Amy Jackson combines state of-the-art screen-printing equipment, top-drawer graphic design talent, and inspiration from Mother…

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